This week we’ve asked Mr DIY Destination to get involved in our Real Bride’s Diary! We don’t often hear much from the groom’s perspective, so we asked Ashlee’s fiance Miguel to spill the beans on his thoughts on wedding planning so far.  It’s an interesting read; especially with a wife-to-be who works as a wedding photographer, and is surrounded by the pretty all day….!

My fiancé Ashlee and I got engaged last September, and it has been a roller coaster ever since. We decided to get married in May 2015 (in less than three months now) and I think that, thanks to Ashlee’s talent, everything is going according to plan.

But that’s my problem. I have always had more of an analytic mind, thinking that if I am able to understand the challenge and see one (easy) way through it… problem solved!  Ashlee is nothing like that. I think it’s her artistic mind and the fact that she has been working as a wedding photographer for years that makes her realise there is no need for an (easy) solution to planning a wedding. She sees our wedding as an expression of who we are as a couple, and as an opportunity to welcome friends and relatives into our new life as a family. So this has been my biggest challenge. Trying to understand this has been difficult but it has taken us on some beautiful paths.

For example, I wouldn’t change now our perfect wedding invites, designed by Ashlee, and that really feels like a sample of what our whole wedding will be! Full of wonderful, personal touches!  She spent last night handwriting our guest’s names on envelopes. I cannot express with words how proud I am of them (I am supposed to stamp them now, but I am afraid I might ruin them).

Has it been stressful? Yes, it has. But I wish someone had explained to me what an amazing journey it was going to be! It has been our first big project together, and I have learned so much about her and the way she thinks.

A challenge? Definitely, but I wouldn’t change it for anything!

The images in this post are all from weddings shot by the bride-to-be Ashlee – see what we mean about surrounded by pretty?!


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