Lee-Lyn & Ray’s Rustic Plantation Wedding

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It’s just a week to go guys & gals! Are you nearly ready?  While my tree is up, and decorations are slowly filling empty corners of my home, there’s still the food shopping and present wrapping to do – I think I’ll need a strong glass of mulled wine before I tackle those two!  As I’ll be taking a few days off over Christmas, this is our last real wedding of the year. And it’s a cracker (sorry!).

It’s always a pleasure to receive submissions from readers, so  I loved it when bride Lee-Lyn got in touch to share the story of her relaxed rustic wedding.  I love how she kept it simple – with a natural palette, home grown florals and handmade details – yet it all comes together with sophistication and elegance.  Thank you to photographer Taryn Rahl for sharing these beautiful images.

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Raymond has always been very good friends with one of my cousins, and so we’ve always known each other.  He took me to Cape Town last year for the Easter weekend. We left on the Thursday and were returning on the Tuesday. I had a suspicion that he was going to propose but when he hadn’t proposed by the Saturday, I thought maybe it is just a weekend away!  On the Sunday morning he woke me up early and took me for breakfast in Camps Bay where we had a beautiful view of the ocean. After that we went for a drive to Chapman’s Peak and from there to Simon’s Town and Boulders Beach (a beach which penguins inhabit freely). He told me how a penguin chooses one life partner and sticks with that one for the rest of their lives, even when one dies, the other never takes another life partner and this was very cute :)  After that we took a drive to Cape Point. We then had supper at the Waterfront and after that we had a ride on the wheel of Excellence. This wheel overlooks the whole of Cape Town. THEN FINALLY when we got back to the guest house that we were staying at, he proposed!! He said that he had been carrying the ring with him all day and was too nervous to ask.  So yes, he made a whole day of it, it was very special and unique!

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My dress was made by Alice Mcquire.  I loved the fact that I had designed it myself and it said something about me. My accessories were from Caress in Uitenhage – it was mostly pearls which suited our vintage theme and complemented my dress best.  I was very indecisive when it came to my hair. I would look at vintage hairstyles on the internet every day and see something different that I liked. In the end, it was kind of just decided on the day J I love a smoky eye look, so that was my decision from the beginning – smoky but still natural.  My matron of honour and bridesmaid wore long taupe dresses with a lace belt which definitely portrayed a vintage feel. The groomsmen wore tweed waistcoats and vintage shoes with chino pants. We both felt that a more casual look would suit best with our theme as well as the personalities of all Raymond’s groomsmen. We didn’t want anything too formal.

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We got married at The Plantation in Port Elizabeth. This venue is absolutely breath-taking and when we went to view it for the first time, we knew that no other venue would come close to it. We also felt that it would complement the type of décor we wanted – as it was all very natural.

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I looked all over for inspiration: magazines, photographer’s websites, blogs, wedding fairs, etc. But I must say, that most of my ideas I got from other photographers websites. It’s amazing how you can see something you like that someone else did for their wedding and when you do it, it’s the same concept but your own unique touch is still seen it.  My sister in law, Lee-Anne Loock and myself did all the designing and invitations and stationery. My mother helped us make it all. I am very thankful that the two of them were prepared to sit with me through long nights and make all the goodies!  My mother-in-law also grew fynbos and Rock roses in the months before the wedding which we used as the flowers in the bouquets and table arrangements.

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Our photographer was Taryn Rahl. Before we were engaged, Raymond and I went to a Bridal Fair at Running Waters in Port Elizabeth. Taryn’s work was on display. It was SO UNIQUE. Right there and then I said to Raymond – when we get married this is DEFINITELY who we are using. He agreed as he also LOVED her work!!!!

favourite moment

My favourite moment was when Raymond did his speech. He is a man of few words, so I was very excited to hear what he had to say.

first dance

‘Can’t Take My Eyes off You’ by Frankie Valli

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I wouldn’t do anything differently – even though everything didn’t work out as it was planned – it was still perfect! (Maybe just one thing – if you are doing your own décor and details, start MONTHS before the time).  Every bride should remember that it is her and her husband-to-be’s day, no matter what happens it is YOUR day and you should make it count :)


Photographer: Taryn Rahl // Dress: Alice Mcquire // Accessories: Caress // Bridesmaids dresses: Hoiden //Groomswear: Woolworths // Florist: J&A Floral Distributors // Cakes: Roo’s Sidewalk Café // Stationery: DIY by Bride & Sister-in-law // Hair: Vianda Erasmus – Uitenhage // Makeup: Theano Zenios // Venue & Catering: The Plantation // Music: Craig Hort


I have always been a creative soul, from glitter-filled art room projects to a degree in Interior Design, followed by a decade working in the corporate world. I have a passion for discovering pretty things, an obsession with perfect details and a love for love. B.LOVED is a place I can indulge and share my passions; weddings, interiors, fashion, travel, family and beauty, things all women love. It’s without doubt I can say I have the best job ever!


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