It’s the first week of the year. It’s the time for resolutions, goal setting and new beginnings. I personally don’t believe in resolutions. I believe in life choices.

This time last year my life was in ruins and on New Year’s Eve I made one resolution, or promise, to myself. I wanted to spend the next year addressing things that had held me back and doing things that made me happy. The most important issue for me had been my body image.

There was nothing wrong with my body… but I found myself hiding. I had spent so much time trying to fit into what I thought I was supposed to be, and somewhere along the way, I lost my confidence. The thing that really got to me was that I had always felt healthy before and now? I just didn’t.

You see, we are bombarded with images of what we are supposed to look like. We see it in magazines and newspapers, on TV adverts and billboards; the unobtainable size zero. Most women – including me – will never be a size zero. Why? Well because it’s not realistic. So I stopped reading fashion magazines. I decided I needed a lifestyle overhaul. No more negative media influences. No more eating rubbish. More exercise. More meditation. More yoga. More dressing to suit my shape. No more hiding.

The first month was hard. Month 2 got easier and in month 3 something strange happened, and people started to notice. The truth is, whatever your size and shape, when you pay attention to and take care of yourself you will eventually come to a point of acceptance and understanding. You will accept who you are and understand what you really need to be happy. I began to protect the time I spent doing yoga and running. I found that making healthy choices became easier and easier. My confidence grew and I became so much happier in my own skin because I was taking the time to do the things that made me feel good.

Through my work as a wedding photographer I meet amazing women; brides. Sometimes they are petite, sometimes they are plus size. What do they all have in common? On their wedding day they radiate! The reason for this is, in the lead up to your wedding, you put you first because you want to walk down the aisle looking amazing. I wanted to implement this thinking into my everyday. I wanted to walk out the door looking and feeling my best every morning – not for someone else, for me!

How you show up for anything, is how you show up for EVERYTHING. How you carry and care for yourself is an indication of how others should be treating you. When you know and dress for your shape, when you have confidence, when you walk out the door owning life, that’s the kind of power you need to commit to in 2016 and it only comes from loving yourself. If you don’t love yourself, who else is going to?

So today, make a promise, not a resolution. Decide to change your mind about your body because it will change your life! Commit to loving yourself; because confidence is the best outfit you could ever wear!

Maxeen xx


I run my own wedding-related business, Maxeen Kim Photography while travelling around the world. I fell into the industry 3 years ago after all my friends started ‘tying the knot' and have never looked back. Then after a fortuitous meeting with Louise at a workshop in April 2013, I was over the moon to when she later invited me to join the B.LOVED team!


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