6 steps to beautiful skin


Are you a bride who is busy preparing for your upcoming wedding? If so, I imagine, one of the things you are thinking about is how to get your skin looking at its best for the day. Your wedding is a great time to start getting into good cleansing habits and routines.

Below I have gathered just a couple of starter ideas to get you on your way, remember to start working on your skin now, rather than a few weeks before the wedding.

1. Always remove your make-up at night, even if you are a non-make-up wearer, it is so important for your pores to be clear of grime, bacteria and dead skin cells, as this is the time they rebuild themselves. If the pores are clogged it inhibits and prevents this restructure, causing a dull, lifeless looking complexion.

2. Be aware of what you eat, an easy thing to remember is the most highly coloured fruit and vegetables are the best for giving you a natural glow, refined sugars of any form increase the process of wrinkles and prevent natural radiance. Step away from sugar!

3. A facial a week, the last month up to the wedding will get your skin in great shape. Your Facialist will exfoliate, massage and de-congest your skin, which will allow the new skin cells to come through looking radiant. Your Facialist will also get to know your skin type and so be able to advice you on products.

4. Never pick your pimples, the older you get the slower the reproduction and repair of skin cells, therefore the red mark could continue to show for weeks. If you are a picker, apply a blemish prevention, to stop you. I love the Witch Hazel Blemish Stick or Eve Lom Dyna Spot.

5. Keep hydrated; swap your morning tea or coffee for a hot lemon and water, before breakfast, remembering to never putting boiling water directly onto the lemon as it destroys the Vitamin C content. This way you are flushing out your kidneys and liver ready for the day ahead, good health inside is shown in your complexion.

6. Exercise, this encourages blood flow, thus increasing the amount of oxygen taken to your skin cells, which therefore increases the rate of skin regeneration. Remember to always cleanse/wash your face after your workout. Sweating removes bacteria and toxins from your skin cells, through pores, if this residue is left on your skin after your workout it will sink back into the pores.




I'm Sophie freelance makeup artist and blogger at The Makeup Fix. I have a passion for making people look and feel their best. London girl that loves escaping to the country.

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