BLOVEDBiz: A New Series for Women In Business

Hi lovelies! I’m back, and more excited than ever to be back at B.LOVED doing what I love – providing you with the inspiration to help you live a luxe & lovely life!  As much as I love weddings, design and style, my passion lies in helping women in business, so I hope my monthly B.LOVEDBiz posts will become a regular place of inspiration, motivation and encouragement for those of you who run – or dream of running – your own business!

I founded B.LOVED waaaay back in 2011, and have been full-time self-employed since 2014.  In that time I’ve created an award-winning blog, had my styling work featured in some of the world’s top bridal publications, grown a social media following of over 75,000 and worked with some of the world’s most stylish brands.  In 2016 I raised over £10,000 on Kickstarter and launched my dream business the B.LOVED Hive, and welcomed almost 50 members to the #hivetribe and helped 20 of my mentoring clients create an action plan to achieve their dreams in 2017(in the first two months!)

I’ve also struggled with self-doubt, been through a painful divorce, had to admit my business was a financial failure, and made more mistakes than I can even remember. There’s no hiding it, being an entrepreneur is a tough, lonely and sometimes downright frustrating place. So why do we do it?

Because, the sense of achievement winning that award or getting a shoot published in a respected bridal title far outweighs the niggling self-doubt that plagues me when I’m unsure what to do next. The strength I found through getting divorced gave me more confidence as a (business) woman.  Financial failure made me reevaluate my skills and passions and create a new vision for my business. And every single mistake has taught me something new about business, life and forced me to find new opportunities and different ways of doing things.

Being a #girlboss is the most amazing experience, it teaches you new things every day and pushes you to achieve things you may never have thought possible.  But most of all, working for yourself gives you the freedom and opportunity to live the life you want to.

And it doesn’t matter what your version of success looks like; whether you want to earn enough to stay at home with the kids, buy your dream home, travel the world – or take it over!

For me, success is having the financial security to be able to buy my dream home (a 3-bed semi in need of renovation, thank you!), to have enough in the bank to support me if things go wrong, to spend 2 full days with my family each week, and to be able to afford two dream holidays a year!

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to your vision for success,  and I’d love to hear what success looks like for you – and what struggles and fears you face in achieving your dreams both business and personal!

Leave a comment below, or come and find me on Instagram @blovedhive or via the hashtag #blovedbiz



After a decade-long career in corporate interior design, I took a giant leap of faith, left the security of an office job, and founded B.LOVED in 2011 as a platform for romantic and beautiful wedding inspiration. Thanks to a whole lot of creativity, hard work and passion, my gamble paid off and B.LOVED became one of the leading wedding blogs in the UK.

I'm also a co-founder at The Brand Studio, where I design and curate beautiful photoshoots for wedding and lifestyle brands, as well as running wedding industry community the B.LOVED Hive where I support and nurture wedding pros building industry leading businesses. Yep, I definitely have the best job in the world.

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