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It’s been a while since I have graced the pretty pages of BLoved, when I hung up my wedding blogging hat and handed over the reigns to the lovely Catharine who is now supporting Louise with the wonderful world of weddings. But I am hoping that you will be pleased to know that you lovely lot don’t get rid of me that easily, as I have promised to come back every month to share lifestyle inspiration as interludes to your wedding planning!

My style of inspiration involves one little word. Yes.

It’s one little word with the power to really help you live life to the full. Not every yes has to be big though, and today I am here to encourage you all to get involved in the book club revolution. Book clubs have been hanging around for a few years now, if you are not already in one, you will definitely know someone who is. And you might have resisted the urge to go because you think it might be a bit stuffy or boring, or you think you won’t be able to read the books in time… Well, I am here to tell you that joining a book club is team Year of the Yes’ favourite ‘yes’, since we started our mission to start a yes revolution three years ago.

You see, sometimes it is the simple things that make the biggest difference., and book club has certainly been that.

You can find a local book club online, or if you think you can’t commit to regular meet-ups Poppy Loves Book Club hosts discussions online. But one of the best parts about book club for us, is meeting up in person… and we were not quite brave enough to join a club where we didn’t know anyone, so our book club experience became a reality as the result of a drunken conversation with fellow book loving friends at a Christmas party…where we decided to set up our own.

So here are my top tips for you to do exactly the same (or at least give some insight on what we do for some inspiration):

  • Put a callout on Facebook and talk to your friends to gather a group together. It doesn’t matter if you have three or 10 people, either is a good place to start. And then set your first date!
  • We let the host choose the book, and allow 6 weeks between meet-ups so that there is plenty of time to read the book.
  • Be realistic within your group about how quickly you can all read a book – if you need longer, then have your catch-ups a little further apart.
  • Make sure your meetings are a good mixture of book chat and socialising. At our book club, the host generally researches a few questions to move the book chat along, but when we have talked through them all and book banter comes to a natural halt, the rest of the night is just a good catch-up over a glass of wine.
  • Our book club host tends to provide a few snacks to act as brain food (because that’s what party rings are, right)?! But the guests bring along something to drink as a contribution as well.
  • Not everyone can make each session, so we keep in touch about the next book and dates on Facebook messenger.
  • If you want to add some variety to your book club, why not consider setting themes each time. We are approaching our two-year book club anniversary (!) and there is talk of picking themes from a hat to mix it up for next year’s book club instalments…


If you love reading you should most definitely say yes to finding and joining a book club, and if you can’t find one then set-up one yourself with your friends. Come on lovely Bloved readers, be a Yes book clubber too. We promise you won’t regret it!

Here are a few of the books the BLOVED team are reading too:
Me, (Emma) | My Brilliant Happy Friend by Elena Ferrante
Rachel | The Light Between Oceans by M L Stedman
Catharine | All I Ever Wanted by Lucy Dillion


Emma K

I’m Emma, co-founder and editor of where I dedicate much of my time to encouraging people to live life to the full and say ‘yes’ a little more. But with a background in weddings (waitressing since I was 12 years old for my Mum’s catering business, and dabbling in wedding blogging), I am delighted to find a second home here at BLOVED