We love boudoir photography here at B.LOVED HQ. Celebrating beautiful women is what we do, whatever shape, size or age you are, you’re all beautiful.  I’ve been behind the lens on two of my own boudoir shoots in the past, and despite pre-shoot nerves, really enjoyed the experience each time, thanks largely to wonderful hair & makeup, beautiful lingerie and a photographer who understands how to flatter and post women perfectly.  Today I’m delighted to welcome photographer Julie Michaelsen to our pretty pages to share one of her latest boudoir shoots, and some of her top tips for striking beautiful poses…

Half the challenge of a boudoir session is not the actual photography, it’s getting my ladies to feel comfortable, to make them laugh so that I get shots of them smiling and giggling. For me a boudoir session doesn’t have to be all serious and sexy, I think a beautiful girl who looks confident and is laughing is way more sexy than someone trying to pout and ‘be sexy’. I look to have fun with my boudoir ladies, encouraging them and letting them know when what they’re doing is really working – often showing them what I’m looking for, as it helps to encourage fun and a bit of silliness! Showing them the odd image on my camera screen usually surprises them and gives them confidence because they can’t see what I’m seeing, it’s really important to reassure them that they look beautiful!

1. Elongating is the key

I aim to show all my boudoir ladies at their most beautiful and a pose which works for all ladies is lying on their side facing the camera, resting your head on your hand or propping yourself up on your forearm, which leaves the other hand free to either rest on the top thigh or in front of the torso.

2. Pay attention to your body shape & hands

  1. I also tend to position my boudoir ladies on their fronts with their upper torso propped up on their forearms, this makes the stomach-conscious more comfortable as well as creating a flattering triangle shape with the head and arms, ensuring the arms are not squashed against the body. This pose also gives a glimpse of the rest of the body in the background, softly and flatteringly blurred, keeping it looking demure, elegant and not overtly sexy. I also remind my boudoir ladies to pay attention to their hands, they must have their fingers together and not splayed open. Hands must be ‘princess-like’ and delicate not flat against the bed or ‘spidery’.
  1. 3. Wear high heels

  2. 001JulieMichaelsenPhotography Q3

I encourage my ladies to wear high heels for their boudoir shoot as it means that when we do standing poses, their posture is much better. Even whilst posing on the bed, there is something about wearing high heels that instantly makes a lady feel elegant and sexy!

  1. 4. Make sure you have props

If you are particularly nervous about your shoot, make sure you bring props such as a beautiful bridal bouquet which you can position strategically in front of your less confident areas. Bringing a veil is an excellent idea because it means your photographer can shoot through it or have it draped over you until you get into the shoot and your confidence grows. Also make sure you bring a beautiful silky kimono or dressing gown which you can start wearing at the beginning of the shoot whilst you get used to being in front of the camera and feel more comfortable.

5. Sit up straight

Make sure that you are not hunching shoulders, or slouching, sitting up straight without looking rigid, pushing out your chest slightly (but not too much!) and arching the back helps too. I always encouraging my boudoir ladies to think about creating an ’S’ shape with their bodies which helps to accentuate the smallest part of their body usually the waist.

6. Use the bed

Sitting on the edge of the bed or chair with legs placed together to one side or crossed, and your body and face facing slightly towards the opposite side is often a flattering pose.

7. Mirrors are your friend

I often use beautiful mirrors to shoot through especially to begin a session with as it is less daunting than having a camera pointed directly at you.

8. Kick back

002JulieMichaelsenPhotography Q8

  1. Lying on your back is often very comfortable and flattering as you are elongated and can rest your legs to one side and your face to the opposite side of your legs, meaning you’re creating a feminine shape with your body. lifting your arms about your head on the bed also lengthens the body further and is very flattering.


My boudoir sessions are a celebration of beauty and authenticity… Boudoir for me does not mean crass or tacky posing or harsh lighting but soft and gentle suggestive feminine imagery with lots of natural light.

I hold my boudoir sessions in a beautiful and luxurious private residence in Holland Park where upon arrival my ladies are greeted with a glass of bubbles (for courage), a bottle of water (for hydration) and some fresh fruit (for stamina, modelling is harder than it looks!)

While hair and make up is being expertly carried out by an excellent handpicked artist, I will sit and chat with my ladies to make sure they understand that they are in control of every aspect of the shoot. They set the boundaries and I am there to help them look and feel beautiful, elegant, feminine and sensual.

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