Essie and Olivia Palermo x Ciate by Catharine Noble Photography


Hi Lovelies! For those of us who are super busy but love to have a well manicured look, I’m here to share my tips on how to create a chic yet super easy manicure with Essie or Olivia Palermo x Ciaté. It’s perfect for everyday elegance!

Firstly, Keeping your hands and nails in good condition starts with a lovely hand cream. You can keep a smaller hand cream in your handbag, and even your desk drawer – but a big difference I found was to purchase a big 500ml bottle which I keep in my bathroom and kitchen so that I moisturise after washing my hands. I have been using the Boutique by Grace and Cole in Vanilla Blush and Peony. I’ll totally admit that I actually purchased it because the bottle was pretty and I didn’t want to have an unstylsh bottle permanently out! It smells lovely and it isn’t too heavy either – it’s a lighter weight hand cream and using this has really made a difference! The skin is much smoother whilst my nails and cuticles look in great condition too!

My next tip is to select a beautiful fresh pink tone of nail polish colour. Not only does it go with anything and everything but it has a brightening and healthy look about it. It’s so easy to apply compared to darker tones – so two coats and I’m done! Another benefit is that any little scuffs or chips which may appear later in the week aren’t as noticeable with this colour!

My favourite shades at the moment for this look are Essie in Tying the Knotie, I’ve had this for ages and love it! I also have been enjoying the Olivia Palermo x Ciaté limited edition polish in Off Duty Nude! This is a little thicker in consistency and not quite as bright, but both are great options. They last well – easily for 5 days, and they apply easily too!




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