I have a confession. I’m not a tidy person, but I detest clutter. While I’ll happily sit in my office surrounded by piles of papers and boxes, after a while it becomes too much of a distraction and I can’t do anything until I’ve had a good old sort out!  It’s the same all over my home but the room that’s annoying me the most at the moment is my kitchen – it’s tiny and has next to no counterspace.  Recently I’ve decided to ditch the convenience food and start cooking properly again, so it’s time to have a bit of a clear out and think about how best to use the space, making everything to hand while keeping the counters clutter-free!

My number one solution for a tidy kitchen is glass jars – I love them! Filled with tea, coffee and sugar, as well as rice, pasta and pulses they keep my cupboards clear and actually look super pretty all lined up on the worktop.  My favourites are from H&M Home; I’ve got the clear ones but also love the smoked grey!  I’ve been meaning to add labels for a while now, so this clever DIY is going to be this weekend’s project, but you could freehand with a chalk pen if you’re feeling arty!

Open shelving is another great way to keep the bowls, plates and glasses you use regularly nearby, without having to open cupboard doors all the time.  In both these images I love how the kitchen counter and shelving has been kept neutral, with the items on the shelves bringing in some colour – a neat way to create a colour scheme that can be easily changed without ripping out an entire kitchen! Ikea do a great range of shelving that’s perfect for this look.

I’m always looking for ways to add a more industrial touch to my home, so these wire baskets are right up my street! From adding extra storage to shelves to creating a handy place to keep baking equipment (or in my house a cheese grater and corkscrew are more likely!), they’re a quirky addition to your kitchen style.  This wire basket from Rose & Grey is on my wish list!

My final solution is to simply add more storage – luckily my home is open plan, and with the dining room within a stride of the kitchen sink it’s the perfect place for adding something with a little more structure.  I wish I could have a beautiful dresser stacked full of beautiful plates, but I’ll happily settle for this kitchen trolley from Ikea. It’s on wheels for ultimate flexibility, so will be handy when I need some extra counter space at Christmas too!

Do you have any tips for keeping your kitchen clutter-free? Share with us in the comments section below!



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