When the beauty world first introduced colour correcting concealers, I was very skeptical, however since trying and experimenting I am now a fan and it is simple how they work.

Think back to the colour wheel at school; one colour will neutralise the opposite colour and that is exactly how the concealers work. To simplify this and to discover which concealer is suitable for you, here are the basics:

Green Concealers are brilliant for applying on red pimples as they neutralize the redness of spots, thread veins, rosacea and sunburn.

Orange Concealers work better on those with dark skin or olive skin tones as the lighter concealers are too visible, they are great for hiding any purple skin under the eyes and hyperpigmentation. On paler skins, they are good for concealing tattoos and bruises.

Lilac Concealers neutralise yellow, sallowness in the skin and are best worked as a primer all over the face to brighten a lack luster complexion.

Salmon/Peach Concealers are better for under eye highlighting on paler skin tones, as they cancel out any purple and blue tones.

White Concealers are used as highlighting, apply to the tops of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose or cupids bow, to bring areas forward and compliment your contouring.

Having a coloured concealer does not mean that you throw away your skin tone concealer, as they work together. Firstly apply your coloured concealer, using your ring finger and pushing into the skin, rather than wiping across. Leave the product to settle in to the skin, then with your skin tone concealer dab over the top and finally, set with a small dusting of transparent powder.

They take a little getting used to but are definitely worth the experimenting if you would like to cover areas successfully!



I'm Sophie freelance makeup artist and blogger at The Makeup Fix. I have a passion for making people look and feel their best. London girl that loves escaping to the country.

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