How to Create a Modern, Stylish Dessert Table

Last week we shared this lovely feature by Bride and Belle Luxury Weddings and Honey Bee Bakes with ideas for mixing modern with traditional details for your wedding tablescapes. Today the team are back with more ideas, and Cake Designer Lauren, of Honey Bee Bakes is going to talk you through how to create a creative dessert table! This is perfect for all kinds of parties from Birthdays to Showers and of course Weddings too!

How much will I need to provide?
Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, think about how many people you are catering for. Then consider what else they will have eaten. Is it for a wedding, where a three course meal has already been consumed, a cake is being cut and served, and people will be drinking and dancing? If so you may only need one or two ‘pieces’ per person. If it’s a beautiful baby shower afternoon with your best girls, then perhaps count on a few more per person, people will be chatting and grazing. So consider your guests’ eating ‘behavior’.

What treats should I offer?
In terms of how many varieties, it’s easy to get excited and choose everything on the menu, but don’t overwhelm your guests with too much choice. Pick a maximum of six to seven different items and mix it up with sponge based (cupcakes), meringue kisses or macarons, fresh items like chocolate strawberries, something rich like brownies or cake pops and biscuits. Go for a nice selection of different flavours – from fresh lemon and earl grey to decadent rich chocolate and sweet sticky toffee. Flavours and designs can complement your event – for a recent 70’s themes 40th birthday party we included pina colada and trifle flavours!

If you’re putting together a gorgeous bridal shower how about including champagne flavoured treats for that touch of decadence the bride-to-be deserves. Another thing to consider is providing labels, such as the gorgeous calligraphy tags by Sugar & Spice Designs to help your guests pick their favourite treats to enjoy.



While not every event has to have a ‘theme’, colour schemes help to tie everything together. The colour palette we used was a mix of dusky blues, marbles and copper. Share your invitations and any other plans for room décor with your caterer /cake maker, so they can work with you to stay on-scheme. Use colours to complement the occasion – for a modern baby shower consider going for something a little different like peach/coral or mint/turquoise and adding some pretty silver or gold detailing to make it extra special. An Easter dessert table would look gorgeous with pretty pastels: yellows, pinks, blues maybe with a pop of a brighter colour like turquoise.

Decoration and detail
Using a variety of heights and textures is another way to create a visually stunning dessert table. Using a mix of silk runners, such as these from Silk & Purl adds that touch of luxury . Foliage runners or little jam jars of pretty fresh handpicked flowers also add that special touch. The little naked cakes on ours had fresh ranunculus provided by Luke & Lottie Floral Designs.

Remember to think about how the treats will be presented – on stands, in jars, pretty dishes? Some amazing pieces can be found in charity shops if you’re going for a vintage look, and they don’t all need to match! We had our stands custom made especially for the shoot by Prop Options – the consistency of the design works perfectly for the fresh modern look – your cake maker should be able to hire these items out to you.

A fun option is helium balloons–but keep them modern! Ours were provided by Candy Magic who have seen an upsurge in requests for metallic balloons such as these rose gold orbs and the ever popular confetti balloons. With a large budget, a flower wall would look amazing. You could also try bunting or paper pompoms on a plain wall behind the table – just make sure the table is given the setting it deserves!






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