I’m very excited to share this month’s DIY with you… Taking a break from my usual pastime of designing wedding & celebration stationery, this month I’m bringing you a gorgeous set of printable patterns with a rather lovely project in mind – flowers! Whether you’re planning stunning centrepieces for your wedding day, or brightening up your home or office space – everyone needs gorgeous blooms right?!

We all know flowers can add something special to any space, but do you find yourself in a conundrum as to what to arrange them in? Particularly if you’re tying the knot and need to organise the florals for your reception tables, it can be difficult finding all the various vessels you’ll need that match AND aren’t too costly… That’s where today’s crafty DIY comes in – out with the jam jars and in with tins. For these beautiful blooms, I have covered ordinary tin cans in lovely pastel, geometric patterns which I’ve designed to complement each other without being too ‘matchy matchy’. I must say, I’m rather delighted with the result and I hope you love them too…

Because we’re super nice, we’re even offering you these lovely printables for free, so you can craft away to your heart’s content without making too big a dent in your pocket. Click here for the printable pattern PDF.

To cover your tins, simply measure the height of each tin and cut a strip of paper to that same height. I used double sided tape to stick the print around the tin and allow a little overlap so you’re not stressing about seams… For an added touch, you can also wrap some twine around the top of your tins for a lovely finish (again, I used my trusty double sided tape to do this). My top tip for this project would be to source tins of different sizes which adds a nice balance and contrast to the overall aesthetic. I used a variety of tins including good old baked beans, soup cans and sweetcorn. Suffice to say, they’ve never looked so good!

I had the absolute pleasure of working with a mini dream team on this feature – thank you so much to Liz at London based Blue Sky Flowers and Claire at Claire Graham Photography for making my humble tins looks so darn fabulous!

If you want to take inspiration from the flowers we’ve used to complement the print designs, the lovely Liz Inigo Jones from Blue Sky Flowers (who provided and styled all the lovely florals you can see here) is on hand to share her choices:

“For the blue tins I chose a soft palette to soften the geometric pattern, using white sweet peas, pale blue delphinium, apricot stock and Queen Anne’s Lace. For the pink tins I opted for purple sweet peas, astrantia and astilbe and a large peony head. The yellow tins feature asclepia and purple salvia – a striking, fiery combo to partner the yellow, and the grey tins are filled with pure white stock and sweet peas for a contemporary look.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this DIY printable project – we would be over the moon to see how you get on, why not share a snap of your own creations on our Facebook page?

Wishing you all lots of gorgeous summer sunshine, until next time!

Jenny x

P.S. – Please note these printable patterns are solely for personal use only and using this printable for commercial use is strictly prohibited.


I’m Jenny, co-founder & Creative Director at Hip Hip Hooray and mummy to two beautiful girls. I’ve always been a crafter at heart with a love for all things bright, fun & fresh.

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