There’s nothing prettier than decorating your home or wedding with fresh flowers, but rather than just sticking (ummm, I mean artfully arranging) your blooms in a vase why not get creative with something different? I LOVE this fresh floral heart I created for my friends at Bridal Musings – it’s super simple to make yet looks like you’ve made a real effort!


Fresh Floral Heart DIY with Roses & Peonies (1)
  • Oasis foam heart (find similar on
  • Mixed flowers
  • Sharp scissors or florists knife


We chose a selection of peonies and garden roses for our heart, but you could use anything that suits your chosen colour scheme! Anything with a strong stem, such as carnations, roses, and dahlias work well, and play around with the scale to create different effects.

Before you start, soak your foam in a basin of cold water.  Float it on top and let the water soak in natually – don’t push it under the water – to make sure it is soaked all the way through and your flowers will stay fresh as long as possible!  When it sinks to the bottom, it’s ready to use.

Fresh Floral Heart DIY with Roses & Peonies (2)Prep your flowers by trimming the stems, leave about 4-5cm clear of leaves so they fit securely in the oasis without poking through the other side or sitting proud of the foam.

Fresh Floral Heart DIY with Roses & Peonies (3)Start by placing your largest flowers, think strategically and think about what will create the best shape.  Once you’ve pushed the stem in to the oasis, try not to move it around as the foam will start to crumble quickly!

Fresh Floral Heart DIY with Roses & Peonies (6)Add your smaller flowers to the gaps, thinking about the overall shape, colour and composition as you go.  You want each flower to overlap so there’s no foam left visible, but be careful not to place stems too close together in the oasis.

Fresh Floral Heart DIY with Roses & Peonies (9)Keep going until the heart is filled, and you’re happy with the overall effect.

Fresh Floral Heart DIY with Roses & Peonies (12)

This would look super stunning hung on a wall or propped up on a beautiful dessert table!

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Fresh Floral Heart DIY with Roses & Peonies Tutorial



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