DIY Pretty Pumpkin Wreaths

This year we wanted to share some autumn/halloween DIY inspiration that is a little unconventional – pretty pastel pumpkin wreaths. Get your hands on some small pumpkins, real or decorative (plastic or polystyrene work well). Decorative pumpkins are preferable as they are sustainable and will mean you can keep your wreath and use it again next year. 

Cover the pumpkins with your favourite coloured spray paint. We love pastel pinks, greens and blues or an ombré palette in one of these gorgeous colours. Make sure they are coated properly and evenly. Place the pumpkins on cardboard to help keep your surface clean (see this video) and you can use sticks or toothpicks to hold the pumpkins up and then attach the sticks to the cardboard if using small decorative pumpkins so you can easily paint the bottoms. Add a little gold or silver painted detail on the stalk. If you want to go for more of a Halloween look, add some skulls. Purchase some plastic skulls and these can be painted using the same method as the pumpkins. Voilà

For the wreath, use wire, mulberry vines or dried rattan as your base. Attach your pumpkins to your base using a hot glue gun or wire and add any desired embellishments. See examples below for inspiration! 

What a fun and fabulous way to add a pop of colour to your autumn or halloween décor! 

See our “Pimp My Pumpkin: 3 Pumpkin Decorating DIYs for Autumn” for more tips on decorating pumpkins using a classic autumnal palette. 



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