Easy Like Sunday Morning

During the week my morning routine is somewhat rushed and a bit boring and I’ll usually leave the house later than anticipated, with not enough coffee in my belly. Because I’m self employed and my job is very physical, I tend to try to get all my work done sooner rather than later, which means I rarely have a morning where I wake slowly, enjoying the feeling of doing things at my own pace. Even on the rare occasion where I get an early morning cancellation, I seem to find something else to do, whether that be sorting out my accounts, exercising, blogging or editing a shoot I haven’t got round to looking at yet. I am one of those people who, when faced with a spare few hours, is determined to make the most of the time rather than letting myself relax for a bit.

Except on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning is the only day of the week I let myself sleep in without an alarm to wake me. It is the only day of the week where I do not put pressure on myself to find the creative spark, to produce some sort of content for my social media platforms, or worry about making the most out of the day. Sunday morning is by far my favourite time of the week.

I usually wake naturally at around 7:30/8am. Now, for those of you with children, I’m pretty sure you’d call this a lie in but for the rest of us I’d say this is quite early for a weekend! Like most people I seem to find it really easy to wake up relatively early on non working days yet I struggle so much during the week when my alarm goes off. Such is life.

Generally Rich doesn’t work Sunday mornings and because I make him coffee first thing Monday-Friday before work, he always gets up first on Sunday’s to feed the dog and make me a coffee. I can’t tell you how content it makes me feel as I lie half asleep, half awake listening to the sound of him padding around downstairs, knowing that I do not need to move anytime soon.

Once my coffee is placed next to me on my bedside table I’m awake and sitting up, usually reading either a book or catching up on the blogs I follow. Recently I started reading The Girl On The Train and I couldn’t put it down. I’d forgotten how relaxing it can be to switch off from technology and pick up an actual book and let my mind get lost amongst the words. Reading other blogs is great for inspiration and tends to give me that fire in my belly to write more and create more, but it’s not the same as getting caught up in the lives of fictional characters within the pages of a good book. I finished reading The Girl On The Train in a week so I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new book to read.

I also love watching vlogs on YouTube and can spend hours laying in bed on a Sunday watching other people’s lives and what they’ve been up to over the past few weeks. It’s a very strange thing to enjoy, maybe I’m just super nosy but I find it really interesting nonetheless. I actually recently started vlogging myself and I find it really fun so hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up.

At around 9am, after my first mug of coffee is finished I start to think about breakfast. As you may have read in my last post, I try to be as healthy as I can with my breakfasts during the week but on Sunday’s I give myself the day off. Whether that be with some warm buttery toast or a fresh pastry, Sunday mornings are for treating myself. My breakfast will no doubt be accompanied with another mug of steaming coffee and I always take it back to bed with me. Nothing beats the feeling of snuggling back down under the covers knowing you have no place else to be.

For me, a morning like this is very much needed, even if it is just once a week. As a business owner and creative, I need a day where I can switch off and recharge my batteries ready for the busy week ahead. I find I have a much more enjoyable day when I take things at a slower pace and now that Summer is on its way and the morning light peeks through our bedroom blinds that little bit earlier, I’m hoping to start incorporating this routine into my week days as well. Rising earlier and giving myself time to enjoy my morning rather than rushing, is beneficial to my overall wellness and I know I will leave the house feeling lighter, happier and more ready for the day ahead.


Rachel Jane Thomas

I'm a lifestyle blogger at This Life and Me and also a Wedding Photographer at Rachel Jane Photography! I love the outdoors and long quiet evenings with friends where everyone drinks too much wine and eats too much cheese. I love dogs. Like really really love dogs, especially ones with funny shaped heads, which is great seeing as my own dogs head resembles something similar to a rugby ball!
I dream of living in warmer climates. With a vineyard. And a blue bicycle with a basket on the front.

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