A half up, half down hairstyle is a timeless look that suits just about anyone – for any occasion! It’s perfect for those that want their hair down while keeping it off the face too!

It’s also a really easy style to accessorise – a pretty comb, hair vine, or even a tiara will equally finish off this hairstyle beautifully for your wedding day, or keep it simple for an elegant every day look.

So, here’s how to create this elegant half-up hair style, with a simple yet intricate knotted detail at the back.

Before we start, you’ll need a brush, comb, hair grips, sectioning clips, clear elastic, curling iron, hairspray and heat defense spray in your kit!

bloved-lifestyle-blog-elegant-half-up-bridal-hair-tutorial (1)Step 1: Brush through dry hair, removing all knots.

Step 2: Section the hair at the front of the head from ear to ear, split this into two sections one on either side of your head, and pin. Next, section off the crown, and pin.

bloved-lifestyle-blog-elegant-half-up-bridal-hair-tutorial (3)Step 3: Start curling the rest of the hair in sections, with a 1″ or 1.25″ curling iron, using a heat defense curl spray before curling each section.

Step 4: Release the crown section. Backcomb the hair with a comb and hairspray, concentrating at the roots to create lift and volume.

Step 5: Smooth the backcombed hair over to create a bump at the crown. Use the same comb, lightly spraying hairspray to shape and mold the hair. Tie a clear elastic to hold the desired shape and curl the ends of the hair.

Step 6: Release the front sections of the hair, smooth and softly curl the hair with a curling iron. Now take both front sections of hair and hold each side in each hand, bring the hair to the back, cross and tie the hair to create a knot over the clear elastic. Pin to hold the knot in place. The clear elastic should be covered.

Step 7: Take the ends of the knot and loop over the front sections of hair that now form part of the knot. You can pull more pieces of hair to create more loops if desired. Pin into place.

Step 8: Soften the hair by raking through the curls with your fingers, and gently pulling pieces that form the bump. Finish off with strong hold hair spray


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