Once upon a time, pre-Coco & pre-retail career, I was a holistic therapist.

This path led me to work with some really lovely skincare companies & brands; my absolute fave being a US label called Fresh that used yummy organic ingredients and delicious concoctions such as Rose, Black Tea & Brown Sugar.

I think my love for skincare products was inherited from my Mum who is, shall we say, on the glamorous side! I would watch her in the mornings sat at her dressing table carefully applying her lotions and potions, in fact if I close my eyes I can still smell her Coco Chanel No. 19. It’s these rituals that I absolutely love.

So when my Mum recently told me I had to try her latest find, I knew it would be good. Lo and behold I’m now hooked on Caudalie and I wanted to share with you some of the products I’m using.

Disclaimer: This is in no way a sponsored post and nor will I be held accountable for any spending that occurs as a result of what you’re about to read!

You may continue…



£15 (200ml)

There’s something very lovely about splashing your face with cool water in the morning. But first I like to apply this milky cleanser – it’s soothing, calming and quite gentle. It cleanses both the face and eyes and protects the skin from drying out, which is perfect for these wintry months!

BEAUTY ELIXIR – £32 (100ml)

Ok, this is a little spendy for what is pretty much going to be considered a toner by most. I was a little hesitant at first but as soon as I spritzed that first halo around my mush I was sold! The elixir is a powerful blend of orange blossom, rose, organic balm mint and grapes. The smell is quite divine and it immediately transports you to an exotic spa, plus the zingy sensation on your skin leaves you feeling super fresh. This Beauty Elixir can be used before moisturising or over makeup and at any time you want to feel refreshed. They also do mini-bottles, which I’ll be purchasing for any long-haul flights!


£23 (40ml)

The ‘sensitive skin care saviour’ – This is my morning moisturiser and I love it! It’s light, soothing and sits well under makeup.

Premier Cru Cream – £92.50 (50ml) and Premier Cru Eye Cream – £49 (15ml)

I’m going to be the wrong side of my 30’s this year. I absolutely should have started to use some form of anti-aging remedy by now. However, step in the Premier Cru face & eye cream.

I first tried these beauties over Christmas where there was a fabulous offer of buying both creams (in mini version obvs) for £49! However, I’m now coming to the end of these bottles and I might just cry when I have to pay full price for the full sizes. But purchase I will. You see, I’ve noticed the most amazing transformation just by using these creams for the last few weeks, especially around the eye area. That, coupled with the fact I feel utterly spoilt each time I slather it on is the reason I’ll be continuing down this expensive road.

Hailed as the “ultimate anti-ageing solution” I wholeheartedly concur…


So as well as the above daily routine there are some other faves in there; sometimes we all need a quick fix and for this the only facial wipe I’m able to get on with is the Nivea Sensitive packs. These do NOT replace a cleanser for me, but they’re perfect to carry around.

I also use the Deep Cleansing Exfoliator (£18/60ml) and Instant Detox Mask (£22/75ml). Both of these are great for an added boost if your skin is feeling particularly ‘grey’.

The last item I want to rave about is a body lotion that I use which goes against the Caudalie thread here, but it’s by Aromatherapy Associates. If I treat myself to a facial (probably one every 3 months) then it’s always with this brand. Their soothing facial for sensitive skin is amazing and so I take a little bit of this rose based treatment away with me in the form of their Renew Rose Body Cream. YUM.

You can shop from the picks below; I’ve linked the majority to SpaceNK as this is where I buy all my Caudalie & Aromatherapy Associates products. Plus they have a great loyalty scheme! You can order direct from Caudalie in France but it can take a few days to arrive.


So what are your current beauty buys…? I of course need to know!



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