Exploring the Island of Mallorca

Well we definitely think we deserve to sprinkle some sunshine and adventure with the weather we’ve had at the moment. Plus, we love to daydream about beautiful places to see and exciting things to do, and many of us are planning our next getaway too – so today we’re exploring the island of Mallorca with Paula of Hello Sugar Photography! Don’t miss her recent trip to Marrakesh here too.

Where did you stay in Mallorca?
Our trip was split in 2 parts, 4 days each – first part in Alcudia, we stayed at my friends house. On the second part we stayed at Hotel Riu Bonanza Playa in Illetes, 30 min bus drive from Palma de Mallorca.

What would you recommend to do?  Are there any unique points of interest, restaurants, activities?
Playa de Muro outside Alcudia is one of the longest and most beautiful beaches in Mallorca! It gets crowded, but again the sand, the water & the weather never disappoints. Alcudia itself is an old town surrounded by beautiful hills & sea, which offers endless options for activities. Kite surfing, snorkeling, diving, amazing hidden beaches. We drove to Cap Formentor & Santuari de Lluc, both locations were absolutely breathless. As for the second location, Illetes was a wonderful guess! There are a few hidden little beaches, few restaurants & our hotel was just stunning. We were chilling by the pool & had a wonderful, quiet time there.

What about the local cuisine? Are there any specialties, top restaurants or secret spots we should know about?
Definitely! As a foodie I never travel without checking Foursquare – I always aim for the highest ratings (not necessary the most expensive place, to be clear) and it never disappoints. A particularly good restaurant in Playa de Muro is called Fusion 19, it was listed in the Michelin guide & we were amazed with every bite!


How easy is it to get around? Do you need a car?
You can get everywhere by bus! Mallorca is a really small place.  We rented a car for 2 days just to be a bit more flexible – in case we need to stop for few photos!

What would be your top packing tips?
Pack outfits, don’t pack random clothes & think ahead of what you’re going to wear on each day. I always travel light, so we end up buying sun block & after sun in a local shop on the first day. We are using it all up anyways! Make sure you have Foursquare & a book to read on the plane or by the pool.

Anything else you think we need to know?
It’s best to visit Mallorca in September. The temperatures are still high and there is much less crowded.

Would you visit again?
I would absolutely love to go again!




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