Favourite Healthy Snack: Granola & Yogurt Parfait

With Summer fast approaching I’m starting to feel that little niggle of panic over the fact my body isn’t looking it’s best and isn’t ready for summer clothes. I’ve started cutting back and being stricter with myself and the food I’m eating, I’ve even vowed not to drink a sip of alcohol till my birthday in just under 3 weeks time.

I think when it comes to being healthy, I’m somewhere in the middle– I’m not always dieting but then again I’m aware of the foods I put into my mouth on a daily basis and I try my hardest to only treat myself at the weekends so at least I know 5 out of seven days I’m being good! But when I feel like I need to cut back and really clean up my diet, I make sure I stick at it all week long including the weekends.

It’s so hard when you’re dieting to find time to prep food and to try to think of a variety of things to eat so that you don’t get bored of eating the same thing all the time. Especially snacks. I find having enough healthy snacks can sometimes be a bit of a challenge and I don’t want to always be eating bland foods with no taste, as this is what leads a lot of us to fall off the wagon.

One of my favourite snacks is natural yogurt with granola because it’s relatively healthy as well as being sweet so it’s great for those times when you really think you’re about to cave and hit the sweet jar. Now, don’t get me wrong, like most cereals, granola can be full of sugars so it’s important not to go crazy and eat an entire bowl thinking you’re being really good.

I recently bought some paleo granola from a health food store as the ingredients are all natural meaning there is no refined sugar in them, which is music to my ears. However, the natural ingredients means the fat content is higher and therefore the calorie content is also higher but at least I know I am not feeding my body the dreaded ’S’ word. The granola parfaits are perfect for when you feel yourself craving something naughty and they really do fill you up too. You can make your own granola if you’re feeling extra fancy but this isn’t something I am yet to try!

So for these I used some low fat natural yogurt, paleo granola, fresh blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, and a tiny bit of honey at the bottom of the glass. I would stick to a smaller jar or bowl if you can to avoid having too much granola! You can blend some of the fruit into the yogurt as well for an extra colourful layer. You can also add other fruit such as chopped bananas, apple pieces or mango chunks and if you really have a sweet tooth, try adding a sprinkling of chocolate chips!

Simply add the ingredients to your glass or jar in layers and repeat till you have filled the glass. Dig in and enjoy!


Rachel Jane Thomas

I'm a lifestyle blogger at This Life and Me and also a Wedding Photographer at Rachel Jane Photography! I love the outdoors and long quiet evenings with friends where everyone drinks too much wine and eats too much cheese. I love dogs. Like really really love dogs, especially ones with funny shaped heads, which is great seeing as my own dogs head resembles something similar to a rugby ball!
I dream of living in warmer climates. With a vineyard. And a blue bicycle with a basket on the front.

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