Getting Married in Cyprus – Things to Do

Sometimes when you look around you, it’s difficult to believe that there might be a place, where you can always predict the weather to be sunny and the ocean water to be warm. Where hazy lazy days are simply part of the fabric of life. This is Cyprus.

From the minute you arrive what will strike you are the smells of the see breeze, warm sand and almond trees filling the air with immense scents. Checking into the hotel’s room with the balcony, the immaculate clean pools will compete with the turquoise ocean for your attention, making you drop your bags and go for a swim almost instantaneously. And just like that, almost immediately I found myself a part of the men and women, adding another layer of the suntan lotion, and already familiar with the sunbed allocation system and the hotel’s entertainment schedule for the evening.

Having only few weeks to spend in this paradise, you long for the heat to last and only to be broken by the occasional swim. But after few lazy days, the adventure spirit takes over and you find yourself looking for something else to do. Whilst the climate and the unspoiled landscape will capture you heart, Cyprus has so much more to offer an eager explorer. Being known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the island is indeed a place of love and prosperity, with many archaeological parks to prove that.  One of them is the Archaeological Park in Paphos, famous for its marvellous mosaics, monuments and “Tombs of the Kings”.  Within the grounds there’s also a small 2nd century Odeon, used in summer for musical and theatrical performances. For the Opera lovers, the Paphos Medieval Castle, situated at the Kato Paphos Harbour, is a host to Paphos Aphrodite Festival every year in September.

Further along the coast, hidden away near Polis is the tranquil nature reserve park of Akamas with the Baths of Aphrodite site, one of the many secrets of the region. The whole Polis area is an excellent example of unspoiled beauty in Cyprus, combining views of the mountains and sea.  While visiting Polis, you must visit the local herb gardens, where you can try local delicacies infused with homegrown herbs. Once in the area you also must see Latchi, a coastal harbour of Polis, known throughout Cyprus for its fresh fish.

Despite being most famous for its coastline, the real experience with Cyprus culture lies deeper in the land. There are hundreds of country houses offering affordable accommodation to tourists. Located in cooler parts of the island are Throodos Mountains – a great place for rest and escape from the coastal heat waves. The region is famous for the amazing hospitality by its people and the simplicity of life. It’s also home to a small village of Lefkara, which is world renowned for their traditional hand embroidery, a craft that has been passed down from mother to daughter. And even today, walking the narrow streets of the village you will see women seating outside and practising this unique art of lace making.

As you make your way through all the fabulous sites, taking part in many activities, you will always be struck by some enticing smells of Cyprus cuisine that will take you on another journey. The local food is rich in juicy olives, fresh fish and cheese. The food comes as a selection of small, delicious dishes enjoyed in slow pace along with a glass of traditional Cyprus wine. This style of eating is called the meze.

And don’t forget, the real Cyprus experience lies with its people and their amazing hospitality.

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