cute dog accessories


I work from home, on my own. An occasional Skype call with a real human being is probably quite a taxing day.

So one of the main reasons my husband gave in to us getting a dog was the thought of me being at home alone and slowly going insane. Suddenly going from a boardroom and a team of 40 to just you and a laptop in your lounge is quite the leap!

So we got Gatsby.

Gatsby is our Yorkshire Terrier, my daily companion, an honorary member of the COCO team, my reason to exercise and yes I’m going to say it… My baby.

If you follow me on Instagram you will absolutely get the occasional puppy spam (he even has his own hashtag #thetailsofgatsby – geddit…?) and he’s by far the most popular thing on my feed.

So I thought I’d share some of my favourite things that are out there for pups and doggies! Sorry if you’re a cat person…



  2. Harper & Hugo, from £45

Harper & Hugo Ombré rope and leather dog collars are hand dyed and lovingly crafted in New York. Every sale goes towards supporting animal welfare, with a percentage of sales from the rope collars and leads going to support a selection of animal welfare charities! The collar is £45 whilst the matching lead is £49.95. I love this charcoal/black version and I’m thinking Gatsby needs this for Autumn right…?


  2. Boutique Blooms, from £22.50

Gatsby is a boy (obviously) so I’m not sure how he’d feel about this floral collar. BUT, I really want one. My friend Kat who has two Victorian Bulldogs is a big fan of Cupid Collars!

Cupid Collars are handmade using high quality silk and foam flowers with luxury satin ribbons available in a wide variety of colours and would make the perfect special occasion accessory! Did someone say wedding…?


  2. Dog Bed, from £154

If you’re feeling a bit flush, head straight to Mungo & Maud. I could buy everything in sight. Luxe, polished and all very tasteful in various shades of grey and yellow this gorgeous pooch brand even have fabulous treats for Humans. Matching accessories…? Errrr YES.

Mungo & Maud has also joined forces with High Street fave The White Company and you’ll currently find some lovely picks in the sale!


  2. Barbour, £39.95

Following on from the luxe purchases, Gatsby has a Barbour coat. I will not expand too much on this point for fear of ridicule but it’s lovely, it works and it’s Barbour for heavens sake.


Puptart, £54.00

When I’m working, Gatsby sleeps in a Tipi next to my desk. It’s by far the cutest purchase we’ve made for him. At first he was a bit dubious and for a moment Mark and I felt like fools! Who buys their dog a blinking tipi…? But now, even as I type this very feature he’s curled up in his little canvas house. Adorable. We got ours from Vintage Kandy on Etsy but I also love this one from Pup Tart.


  2. Pup Tart, £8.00

Another very cute purchase we made from Pup Tart… Gatsby has a little Tartan bowtie that he rocked on his very first Christmas with us but I love these tie-dye versions! They also do Gingham and Metallic bowties too! At only £8.00 they’re a bit of a bargain.



I’m the founder & editor of style-led wedding directory Coco Wedding Venues. I live by the sea in Brighton. Wife to Mark. Mama to Gatsby.