Hello 2020!

For our final feature of 2019 we want to reflect back on the year filled with beautiful wedding inspirations and working with so many wonderful wedding suppliers. Both those who share their incredible work featured here on BLOVED Blog, and the incredible team that is the BLOVED Edit – our recommended and much loved wedding suppliers! Thank you so much to each and every one of you, and let’s not forget you our lovely readers who we appreciate so much! It’s been a fun year and we are always excited to welcome the new year. On this note we’d like to add a little inspiration of a more personal nature about looking forward to 2020.

At the heart of BLOVED Blog is the idea of creating a life you love, and the people who you share it with. Behind the beautiful weddings are the relationships – your family, your friendships and of course your beloved. This year I’m definitely looking at making more conscious choices which brings this more in to balance. Where being busy is so often seen as a badge of honor, living this attitude for years – I know that you can actually have more balance, and that by living more purposefully you can choose what’s important, you can choose where you spend your time, and leave the excuse of ‘being too busy’ behind.

In 2020 we’re embracing self care, cherishing our relationships, encouraging wellness, supporting growth and thriving! May you do too! Much love, Catharine + Louise xo


With thanks to 2 Brides Photography and The Wild Rose for this beautiful shoot today!