#herBLOVEDlife: Day in the Life of Emily of Gray Label

We meet another inspiring woman in business today, Emily Gray the Founder and Creative Director of trendy Children’s clothing line, Gray Label! Wife and Mother to 3 + 2 children, Emily lives in Ibiza working on Gray Label which is organic apparel for the little minimalist – something we here at BLOVED love! Gypsy Westwood Photography captured Emily and her family at her beautiful Ibiza home and we have a fabulous interview about Emily’s business and typical day!

What’s your background, how did you get into what you do now?

I have studied Concept & Brands at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, when I finished I travelled to South America and came back with this Argentinian womens brand called Akiabara, which I became distributor for, for 2 years. Once I got pregnant I discovered the world of babies and kids. I also discovered that this world was full of bright colours with prints or teddies. I started dreaming of a brand that would bring the opposite: minimalism and calmness. Kids should be able to be who they are and clothing should give them space instead of statements.

Describe your style

Very easy, jeans, tshirt, very black & white or cream. I like good quality basics which are feminine, but mostly unisex too. As natural as possible, actually.

How do you stay inspired & motivated?

By travelling, expositions, magazines, markets and my own kids.

What’s your biggest business challenge?

We strive to become as green as possible. This is, production wise, really a challenge. Good suppliers are rare, choices are less, there’s more time pressure due to longer processes. But we keep it going! If you believe in it, it will work out, even the difficult way. I am proud we are in this direction. It feels good to create something pure and honest. I work with a great team who are in it from the heart. With this team I hope for the biggest reach. Actually I never intended to set up a company with more then 10 employers. So this will also be challenging. How to stay ‘small’ while we are becoming bigger….

What are your goals for the next 12 months?

Don’t make any day a random day. Enjoy every one of them.


Emily’s Typical Day

7am Mia, my youngest is our alarm. She wakes up between 6.30 and 7. No time for snoozing, because once she is awake she is ON. Seeing her happy face in the morning makes waking up early less bad… We try to stay in bed until the other 2 wake up. Between the morning cuddles, I check my phone and read some online news… Some mornings we all go in the shower together (we have like you say in Holland a ‘washing street’ as a shower.)

8am We try to have breakfast all together. During the week its home made granola or porridge, in the weekends we do big breakfast with fresh bread, toppings, juice and eggs.  During the week we try to do the school runs together and leave to school at 8.30. We first bring the oldest 2 and then Mia.

9am After the school run (or after workout) I start working. I work from home or when I am in the Netherlands I work with my team in the office in Amsterdam.

12.30pm I prefer healthy lunch. Most of the time at home, sometimes I get tempted to go for lunch at a nice place by a friend or my husband. After lunch Mia needs to be picked up from the Guarderia. Then next are the oldest two: school finishes at 15.45. After school it’s kids time. We bring them to activities like horse riding, tennis, dancing, play-dates…etc. Or we spend time at our home (sometimes with their friends.)

7pm We stick to the Dutch times for dinner, which is between 6 and 7pm. Either we eat all together or the kids eat first, depending how a day goes. All kids are in bed by 7.30. Then we have an evening to relax or in peak times with work, I work.




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