#herBLOVEDlife: Day in the life of Jesse May Young of Bohemian Beauty

In the latest instalment of our #herBLOVEDlife series we meet Lifestyle Blogger and Hair + Makeup Artist, Jessie May Young who lives on the beautiful island of Ibiza! Jessie is a Mother and a Wife and throughout these beautiful photographs captured by Gypsy Westwood Photography which accompany her interview, you’ll see her beautiful family and home. She blogs at Bohemian Bond – her family and lifestyle blog and you can find our more about her wonderful talents as a hair and makeup artist at Bohemian Beauty! Now let’s meet Jessie!

What’s your professional background, how did you get into what you do now?
I worked as a Saturday girl from age 12 in a hair salon and loved it! As soon as I left school I started training full time and was on the salon floor as a stylist by 17 then trained at london college of fashion for makeup. I took some time out after my first daughter Maisie was born and run a kids clothing website for a few years so I could work from home.

Describe your style? Modern boho usually a maxi teamed with an old leather..

How do you stay inspired & motivated? My kids especially my eldest daughter I want to be the best role model I can be as a mum and and in my career.

What’s your biggest business challenge? Probably getting the balance right between being a working mum. Being a mum comes first my career come second, I’m lucky I have a career I love that I can mostly fit around my kids schedule.

What are your goals for the next 12 months? Well I have a 10 weeks until baby number 4 is due so I think I will slow down with work over the next few weeks then have time off to really enjoy being a mum maybe concentrate on blogging a bit more updating my hair and makeup website which is hard to fit in when you’re working all day on shoots and weddings etc. Then will look forward to starting back next season when the little one is a little older and hope that me and my husband can continue to juggle everything without any help.

What does a day in the life of Jessie May Young look like?

7am My alarm goes off at 7am 7.10am 7.20am I need a warning that my body needs to start
waking up!! I’m not a morning person!! I then take my phone off aeroplane mode and have a little check. I use it at night otherwise if I stir in the and look at the time you normally can’t help but see all the notifications. I then leave my phone upstairs so I’m not distracted over breakfast. We have a sonos speaker so I put some music on to wake the kids up normally a bit of Ed Sheeran then they all start making there way into the kitchen ready for breakfast It’s nicer than shouting through rooms to wake them up. I need cup of tea first thing or I’m a nightmare.

8am (breakfast time)
I normally always do eggs in the morning for the kids breakfast time. They all have to have the same no time for requests. I get the little ones uniforms out the night before and Maisie does her own so they get dressed then I’m on hair duty & checking they have everything depending on after school activities then wave them out the door at 8.30am with my husband.

9am (start of the work day)
My days do vary which I love I usually have a quick tidy up throw on my gym clothes and leave at 9am for either boxing or Pilates I return by 11am get myself changed normally a maxi for comfort pick up my hair and makeup kit and leave for the days wedding if I’m working which can be a villa in the countryside or sea view hotel. If there’s no wedding I get the laptop out and reply to emails regarding weddings and photoshoots I normally have to take a team with me for larger wedding groups so I have to organise the timetables for the days and let everyone know the location and timings. If its a day I have a fashion shoot I’m out the door before sunrise then usually shoot until sunset I love the shoots but as a mum the weddings suit my day to day life better.

12.30pm (lunch)
I try and being healthy as possible monday – thursday and do the same with the kids as the weekends usually involve non stop eating and drinking.

5pm (end of work day)
I love to collect the kids from school and try to most days then it’s off to clubs which can get tricky ‘with 3 usually heading in different directions. It’s usually a two man job with my husband helping luckily he works for himself so we share the load. I try and keep one night a week free with no clubs so we can just head straight to the beach for an ice cream. As the rest of the week nights and quite routined and restricted I try and eat together most nights as a family but some nights it just can’t happen and those nights we have to prepare dinner and eat on the go. If I have wedding my working day usually ends around 5pm so I still get to do the night time routine.

7pm (dinner time & evening)
I like to get Betsy age 7 and Albie 6 into bed by 8pm latest and Maisie 12 by 9.30pm. Then me and my husband usually chill/collaps with a epiosde of whatever box set we are watching peeky blinders, suits, Narcos. We are normally to tired by night to head out so once a week usually a Friday we keep free and head for a beach day together and chill before collecting the kids. Its harder to get out together much now living away from family. I try not to work weekends when possible and it’s usually filled with skateboard lessons, birthday parties or athletic competitions. Also a lot of beach lunches in the summer with friends and their families. I do love a girls night out as well often choosing a sunset and cocktails.






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