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#HERBLOVEDLIFE: Day in the Life of Victoria Mallinson of Victoria Millésime

We’re delighted to share the latest instalment of our #herBLOVEDlife series, a behind the scenes of the B.loved team, their lives and businesses! Today we welcome Victoria Mallinson of exquisite bridal accessories label, Victoria Millésime. As well as creating these intricate pieces, Victoria is Mother to 2 year old Clara, Wife to Trevor, she has created a sister brand, Millie and also just launched The London Vintage Watch Company! Oh and she writes for B.loved too! So what does a day in the life of Victoria look like? She spent the day with Amanda Karen Photography and tells us what her typical day consists of…

Where do you live? I live in West London, and have done for almost 14 years, although I grew up mostly in Boston, USA.

What’s your background, how did you get into what you do now? Goodness – my background is in economics and finance – before I took my business full time, I spent 13 years working in the city of London as a business analyst. I think both sides of my brain must be very active! I have been making jewellery ever since I can remember, and made my own jewellery and headpiece when I got married in 2009. In 2010 I started the business, and haven’t looked back since!

For the many years I worked in the city, 6am was always wake-up time, and I was out of the house by 7am. It’s pretty handy to be used to that when a baby comes along! By 6.45 I’m showered and dressed, and usually get Clara up at that point to have a few minutes with Daddy before he leaves for work. The nanny arrives at 7am (although Clara will soon be starting nursery, so it will be all change then!).

I make a cup of coffee and grab a few pieces of fruit to bring upstairs to my beautiful, light-filled studio and leave Clara with the nanny (anyone with kids will know it’s not a good idea for mama to hang around, so I try to stay out of their way as much as possible). That will see me through until about 9.30am when I pop back to the kitchen for some breakfast – I’m loving the Oh She Glows vegan recipe book so will often make a green power smoothie or decadent carrot cake oatmeal.

For the first hour or so of the day I usually catch up on emails, post a few images to Instagram across my accounts, and generally plan for the day. I started a bullet journal at the beginning of the summer and find this is a brilliant way to organise my day.

This is when I tend to kick myself into gear and start working through the to-do list. I tend to have making days, admin days, and blogging days where I group things together as I find I’m much more productive that way. I do find it challenging to not flit from one thing to another, especially when you have constant alerts coming in across social media and email, but it’s really not a very efficient way of working so I try my best to be focused!

I’ll usually stop around 11am for a cup of rooibos tea and a little bit of chocolate or fruit.

The nanny finishes at 1pm and I spend half an hour playing with Clara before putting her to bed for her afternoon sleep. Once she’s in bed, I’ll grab a quick bite to eat – I love the little salad pots from M&S and tend to have a bunch of those stocked in the fridge which I’ll add a bit of salmon, tofu or chicken to. I do try to actually take a break at lunchtime, so will browse Pinterest, Instagram or plan recipes for the week ahead. I’m really enjoying cooking healthy vegan foods at the moment (as you can tell from my lunch, I’m not vegan or even vegetarian, but I love to incorporate all the vegetables, pulses, nuts and grains into my diet), so find it quite relaxing browsing recipe books to find inspiration.

Then make another coffee and head back up to the studio for another few hours.

Back in the studio, unless I have something specific to finish up my afternoon tends to be spent on the computer, either writing emails, doing admin or accounting, or writing blog posts. I will also get any orders ready to go to the post office that afternoon.

4pm is the end of my working day when Clara wakes up. I try to really be present when I’m looking after her and avoid being on my phone all the time. So we’ll usually go out and do something fun if the weather is decent. The post office is on the way to the swimming pool, so I’ll often drop some packages at the post office before taking her swimming.

Clara’s dinner time, bath time and bed time fill the rest of my day up to about 7.30pm when she goes to sleep. After a long day, I looooove finally sitting down in my kitchen with a chilled glass of white wine for a few minutes before starting on dinner, or if I’m feeling virtuous head out for a quick run in Hyde Park.I used to be a competitive runner, so I’m trying to figure out ways to slot that back into my life, but I always feel guilty about eating into time I could be working, or spending time with Clara or my husband. I do have a jogging stroller so sometimes Clara and I will go out together in the afternoon for a run around the park.

I’ll often carry on working during the evening, updating and engaging on Facebook and Instagram and following up on emails and enquiries. I’m trying to be a little better about this, and particularly have some real down-time on the weekends as it is easy to just work non-stop.

Bed time is about 11pm – I try to read a little bit before bed but I usually only get through about half a page!

Describe your style?
My personal style is quite understated and classic, although I do (of course) love accessorising with statement jewellery. I love a simple black t-shirt with a large, colourful sparkly necklace (I love love love Kate Spade’s jewelry). But most days I’m just in a loose shirt, my favourite white jeans and simple pearl stud earrings.

How do you stay inspired & motivated?
It can be hard at times to stay inspired, but a huge motivation for me to continue to ensure my business is successful is my daughter – running my own business allows me to be in charge of my own time, which means I can be there for her when she needs me.

What’s your biggest business challenge?
Probably staying on top of the extremely fast moving social media world – it is incredibly time consuming to be active and engaged every day across all of the platforms out there. At the moment I have decided to focus on just two, and you will find me quite active on both Facebook and Instagram. I think it is better to be really engaged on a few platforms than spread too thinly across all of them.

What are your goals for the next 12 months?
Well, I have 1 extremely exciting goal for this Autumn which I am so incredibly excited about – I am in the process of agreeing a lease to a shop! We are hoping to open later this year, and I really cannot wait to be able to welcome my brides into the beautiful space that I have dreamt of for so many years! I will also at that point be expanding my team and taking on some additional assistance, so hopefully 2017 will have big things in store for Victoria Millésime.





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