#herBLOVEDlife: Jodie Vigour of Boutique Blooms

We are so excited for our latest instalment of our #herBLOVEDlife series where we introduce you to an inspiring woman in business and she shares a typical day in her life, her style and brand. Today we welcome Jodie the owner, stylist and floral designer of Boutique Blooms in Surrey, and beautiful photos by Anneli Marinovich Photography. Jodie has a second business, and as a FurMummy I’m pretty excited about this; Cupid Collars for fabulous silk flower dog collars for them to look the part at your wedding!

What’s your background, how did you get into what you do now?

After graduating from university I did internships and work placements with several fashion magazines, quickly realising I wasn’t cut out for the ‘Devil Wears Prada’-esq industry! To fund my time spent doing all these internships I had various part time jobs, one of which was working with a wedding planner…and there began my introduction to the wedding world. I’d seen some spectacular floral designs at these weddings and thought that having a trade like floristry behind me would be a good career move. It was really an overnight decision and the next day I went out to all the local florist shops in search of a job…I landed my first role in a florist and the rest is history. I have been running Boutique Blooms for six years now and off the back of that created my second business Cupid Collars.

Describe your style…

My personal style is colourful and casual with a hint of glam for special occasions! The Boutique Blooms style is laid back luxe; a creative, low key luxury.

How do you stay inspired & motivated?

Having good friends and family to support you is so important to stay both inspired and motivated; I couldn’t do it without my support network around me. I think as a naturally creative person I’m inspired by things all the time, more often visual things and I would definitely say I’m an ideas person. Motivation is a challenge, accepting that it is human nature to have ups and downs has made the guilt-factor when I’m not feeling particularly motivated much easier, I’m trying to be less hard on myself.

What’s your biggest business challenge?

My biggest business challenge has been accepting and embracing my limitations. I think it’s great to think big and whilst there is lots of positives to take from ‘the sky’s the limit’ type of ethos, I think this can sometimes create unrealistic expectations and there is nothing worse than feeling like your never achieving those goals. Embracing my limitations has made me much happier, my business goals clearer and in turn has seen my business continue to flourish.

What are your goals for the next 12 months?

My goals for the next twelve months are to increase my engagement and gain the awareness with my ideal client. Fully embrace and enjoy my new studio space with a more productive, stream lined way of working. Both of the above goals should ultimately lead to an increase in sales and provide me with the work and home lifestyle that I hope to achieve.

7:30am – 
My week is varied so my morning routine depends on what lays ahead, a market day is a 5am alarm call, a quick shower, cup of tea on the go and I’m at the flower market by 6:30am. Whilst I love trip to the flower market I’m glad I don’t have to do that every day. A non-market day is far more leisurely; I wake up, often with a cheeky snooze or two and then reach for my phone (terrible habit!) I have a quick flick through Facebook and then scroll through my emails, deleting any junk and flagging any important emails for later. I’m not really a morning person but left to my own devices it doesn’t prove a problem! I’m up by 8am, shower and get dressed.My attire again is very much determined by the activities of the day…generally I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, something practical and comfortable suited to floristy things but if I have client meetings or wedding consultations then I would make sure my hair and make up is done, lipstick and all the trimmings are on too.

8:30am – Breakfast is usually a bowl of cereal…my cereal of choice determined by how healthy I’m feeling! A cup of green tea and I’m good to go. Often breakfast will be at my desk while I take look at the diary, make to-do lists or post an Instagram post (pre-scheduled for convenience).

9am – My office has always been at home and then I would jump in the van to the studio for any floral design work or meetings. My new studio, in Carshalton, Surrey is set to open in the next couple of weeks and is just a ten minute walk from my flat. I’m really excited about having a new routine, having all my work things in one space and being able to shut the door on work at the end of the day. I am a very tidy person…I can’t work in mess or chaos, even with my floristry work I always tidy as I go an can’t bear a cluttered or cramped work bench. I love a to-do list; I still like a paper list but have recently converted to using the app Wunderlist, doing my bit for the environment! I try and do anything that involves writing or great concentration in the morning when my brain is at its peak…left to the afternoon it seems to take double the time.

I tend to break up my week into activities rather than splitting the day…generally Monday is an admin day; accounts, ordering flowers, doing quotes etc. Tuesday and Wednesday is dedicated to making, packing and posting Cupid Collars and then the end of the week is usually for our wedding and event work. I will scatter appointments throughout the week, ideally keeping them Monday – Friday but I try and be flexible for my clients.

12.30pm – 
Lunch varies, generally it is whatever I have already at home but sometimes it’s good to get out, pop to the shops for any groceries I might need and pick up something more interesting than a sandwich! I’ll usually have a little Instagram session too, replying to any comments and doing a spot of liking.

1.30pm – Generally the afternoon is more of what the morning had in store. If I’m working on for example prepping flowers for a wedding this is a crucial time to get back on track and give myself a deadline so I’m not working late into the night to get things finished.

6pm – If it is a non-flower day…e.g an admin day then generally I wrap things up around 6pm and start thinking about the evening ahead. If I’m working on a wedding or an event I’m been known to work into the night and through to the early hours, that’s just the nature of event work and with flowers there is only so much that can be done in advance. I’ve got much better about delegating and always make sure I have enough additional staff to work with me to avoid those late night finishes.

7pm – Most evenings I’m having dinner at home with my partner or doing something exciting like going to Tescos! I might have the odd evening consultation at the studio, there tends to be certain times of the year that are busier for this. I play netball so I train one evening a week and have a match another night so that leaves room for a bit of TV bingeing and I try and be a bit sociable, maybe dinner or drinks with friends or family at least once a month.

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