Himalayan Pink Salt. Wait, pink salt? Yes! It’s pretty, but also has health and beauty benefits as well as tasting amazing!

I have been using Himalayan Pink Salt in my cooking now for about 4 months, initially I found some and thought it looked nice but when I actually read about it I threw out my regular salt and have only used this! With over 80 minerals and far less sodium it’s a much healthier option for your seasoning and it is said to have benefits for absorbing nutrients, promoting a healthy ph balance, improving circulation and even healthy bones! Because Himalayan Pink Salt is a much purer form and as it should be – it is better for us!

foodrivsalt_salz_3_720x405It tastes wonderful! It’s most definitely still salt but it has a really pleasant subtle extra something, almost a hint of smoke. You can get it in many forms from tiny grains you can put into pretty pink bowls to rocks which you grate over your food. The Rivsalt version of this looks fantastic and great for gatherings! It’s actually great to use a Himalayan Salt plate or slab to cook on – something I only just found out but will be trying! You can even use salt slabs as a really pretty way of serving food too! Sous Chef have plenty of size options and for different needs – and even a book about how to cook using a Himalayan Salt plate!

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There are also the beauty benefits too – let’s not miss out those! It can be used as a scrub or bath salts and it is really detoxifying, promotes nice skin and of course – you know there aren’t and harsh chemicals because it’s natural. I also like that for scrubs you haven’t got the micro-beads which damage the environment – and let’s not forget that there are over 80 minerals packed in there too!

I have been using pure Himalayan pink salt for a pampering bath too! Beautiful brands such as Olivine use Himalyan Pink Salt for it’s detoxifying benefits including their fantastic Love + Peace Sparkling Pink Butter Bath. Lovely, luxurious, kind and peace of mind!




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