Here’s the thing: I’m busy. Like super busy.  Between writing blog posts, managing a team, styling gorgeous editorials, product shoots, running a business and oh yeh, actually living, there’s a lot to cram in.

I’ll let you into a secret, despite popular belief I’m actually not that organised.  I’ve got spreadsheets and lists, and more spreadsheets and more lists, usually on scraps of paper distributed between handbags and laptop cases, my desk, car and coffee table, but I never quite seem to get on top of it all.  And I bet you feel the same way too?

This Christmas I received a gift which revolutionised my life (I’m forever grateful Ana!)… a Day Designer.  You might have spotted these utterly gorgeous Planners and Diaries online and wondered what all the fuss is about, a diary is a diary, right?! Wrong.

In my excitement to get started, I actually missed the ‘How to Use Day Designer’ section, discovering it a week into the year.  As well as guiding you to set goals for the coming 12 months, there are some handy tips for translating your dreams into actions and helping you put these into your monthly, weekly and daily agenda.

This easy to use planner not only helps me keep on top of my appointments and to-do list on a daily basis (I fill it in each morning) it helps me plan out my diary with a really useful monthly and weekly overview (is it just me that needs to see everything on one page to prevent an OMG-how-will-i-fit-it-all-in hyperventilating episode?!).  I also love the little sections for your top-three tasks (never forget to take out the trash or pop to the post office again), and the daily gratitude is a cute addition which reminds me to appreciate the little things that happen each day (even if I forget to actually write them down).

Of course I don’t have time to make it this pretty every day, but a few stickers and a touch of washi certainly make organising WAY more fun!!!

This isn’t a sponsored post, I just love my Day Designer so much I had to share! Buy yours in the UK at Fraser & Parsley, or in the US from


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