Latest Collection and Interview with Karen Thomas Studio

We are delighted to share with you the latest collection of paintings by the Artist Karen, of Karen Thomas Studio as well as an exclusive interview with her about her passion of painting, her career and beautiful work! We’re big fans of the interiors trend of Cacti and so the Morocco Series no.2 has to be my personal favourite which fills me with a sense of wanderlust!

What inspired your series of paintings in this collection? 

I am a girl with two homes.  Barbados and London.

Barbados is the inspiration for my Cacti Series. These paintings are about exploring my island, rugged cliffs and remote beauty……ocean as far as the eye can see. Secret spots and beautiful vistas. The smell of the hot sun on the earth. Blue skies, gentle breeze and that feeling of an endless summer.

My Garden series is all about the UK. Spring and the feeling of new growth, of renewed beauty, discovery and surprise. A Freshness in the air….but not too cold. When I am painting the Garden Series, I imagine myself as Alice walking through the garden, the flowers larger than life. It’s all about exploration and the things you only see if you stop and look.

How did you fall in love with the art of painting?

I have always been creative and from a young age was nurtured in my creativity. My path led me towards surface design and I ended up doing my degree in printed textiles. It was years later, when my youngest daughter was only a baby that I picked up a paint brush. My husband had taken a photo of some fish at fish market while we were living in Barbados and I thought it would make a stunning painting…..the colours were dreamy, all soft pinks, vibrant corals and turquoises…..I decided to give it a go, so one day I borrowed my Grans paints, one of her old canvases and got to it.

That was all it took….. I fell instantly in love and have not stopped since!


How do you nurture your creativity?

Creativity breeds Creativity. All I have to do is pick up the paint brush and I enter a different world. With every painting I paint, I grow as an artist and a person. It is my escape, my quiet time, and an opportunity to release all that creative energy which makes me a happier person. My mind is always off with another idea and to be honest, I find myself having to reign it in! I often wish there was 3 of me so I could explore everything that I want to!

I find my inspiration in a few different ways. I may come across a beautiful photo online or see some wild grass as I am walking down the road. My favourite way is to get out into nature and experience my subject matter first hand…..walks through the wildflowers and getting salt in my hair standing on a cliff.

What colours make your heart sing the most and what do you love about them?

Ahhh, Colour. Colour is what it is all about for me. I love that if you look closely you will see colours that you did not think were there. It is here that my Barbadian self comes through. Growing up in the Caribbean is to experience vibrancy all around you. The fierce sun amplifies everything and light and shadow are so contrasting that they appear unconnected. Houses are painted in bright cheerful colours and black is only worn in the evening.

All colour is relevant to me but, If I had to pick one, it would have to be Blue. Blue sky, blue sea; it is impossible to escape and for me it means freedomand it makes my heart sing.

What kind of home or space would you envision them being displayed in?

My work is created with joy in mind and is for anyone who wants the beauty of nature in their lives. I don’t think I could limit them a type of home or space! Large canvases work beautifully behind sofas or in hallways as eye catching statements and smaller ones may brighten up a kitchen or bathroom or become part of a feature wall. My home is filled with a jumble of things that I have collected over the years. It is filled with the things that I love that remind me of a time, place or feeling, and everything works together because they tell the story of my life.

What are your favourite interiors trends at the moment?

I am crushing on the Terracotta trend at the moment….maybe it is because we are coming into winter and I want that sun baked feeling back! Velvet is a favourite, love the luxury of it and I am a bit obsessed with cork accented accessories………lots of house plants!

Check out my video of Barbados scenery and cactus on my website!





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