Lovely Christmas Wreath DIY by The Rose Shed

The lovely Sarah Hannam Photography took part in the Christmas Wreath Workshop hosted by The Rose Shed and captured delightful details to share the experience here with you. Rachel of The Rose Shed has also put together her step by step guide for you to create your own festive Wreath too! Firstly, Sarah tells us about the workshop –

“I went to The Rose Shed’s new studio at Bristols Paintworks last weekend to go to their Christmas wreath workshop. Mince pies and raspberry cordial, Betsy the dog and her festive bandanna supervising proceedings, Christmas music and wonderful clear step by step instructions from Rachel who watched over our group of keen wreath makers.  I chose spruce with two types of eucalyptus for the foliage base and then decorated my wreath with dried whole limes, glittery copper crab apples and some gold twigs to give a metallic accent and a beautiful silver satin ribbon bow to finish it off.  I was so proud of my effort and love how it fantastic it looks on my front door!  Wreaths aren’t difficult at all and I would encourage everyone to give it a go, plus materials are readily available from local florists and craft shops.”

Here’s Rachel of The Rose Shed with her step by step instructions on how to make your own lovely Wreath for Christmas:

“Materials/What you will need: a wreath ring frame, fresh moss, mixed winter foliage either from a florist or cuttings from your garden, festive accessories such as pine cones, baubles, twigs, and ribbon, secateurs, reel wire and wire lengths.”

“First secure the start of your reel wire to the wire frame by winding it round a couple times and twisting around one of the copper wires. Next gather a handful of your moss and place onto the top of the wire frame, continue to wrap your reel wire around the moss, securing it tightly to the frame. Keep adding handfuls of moss to the wire frame, and keep wiring around to secure the to the frame. When you finish the mossing, feel free to go over the wreath again with another cycle of wire to make sure the moss is secured to the frame.

The next step is to add the foliage. Cut the larger foliage branches into smaller sections. Cut smaller sprigs around 15cm and layer them up on in a small bunch, wrap the wire around the stems of the bunch around 3 times, tightly so the bunch is secure on the moss. The blue spruce is tough so add this at the base, and then the daintier foliage such as the eucalyptus on top, so you don’t squash this. Feel free to add in any twigs at this stage too! After you have wired the first bunch, place another foliage bunch over the stems of the first, and again secure tightly with three wraps of wire. Keep going along the wreath, covering the whole moss frame. Go as neat, or as wild as you like. Some people prefer to keep the foliage more uniform and symmetrical throughout the wreath, and others prefer designs to be more natural, loose and wild looking!

The last foliage bunch should sit neatly under the first, covering all of the moss. To finish off the wire, wrap it around the last bunch a few times, and bring back through itself to secure tightly, cut the wire and push back up into the moss.”

“Choose your decorations and place them on top of the wreath to get the look you want, that way you can tweak the design before finally wiring! Clusters work well, say pairs of cones or orange slices. Spread them out evenly, or group them. Leave space for a bow, or if you would prefer without that’s fine! Good ideas for decorations are orange slices, apple slices, whole oranges/limes cones, feathers, twigs, cinnamon sticks, baubles. Each decoration will need to be wired to go into the wreath, get two apple slices/orange slices and push the wire through them, bend through and twist to secure. Again with the cinnamon, push the wire behind the raffia. Push the wired decoration through the foliage and moss base, and then twist to another wire to secure, and then push the ends of the wire back and up into the base of the wreath.

Keep adding all your decorations until the wreath is finished. Finish off your design with a ribbon bow of your choice. There you have it, your very own, handmade door wreath!”





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