Make Up Bag Clearout

Hi Lovelies! Do you ever feel like you have to overhaul your makeup bag or beauty routine when the seasons change between Spring and Summer to Autumn and Winter? The changes in weather, temperature, humidity and more mean that perhaps we need more moisture, or a different shade of foundation because of time in the sunshine. We can often overlook the need to clearout our makeup bags and consider these factors – but not only can our skin suffer if we don’t, we can also lose money on things we don’t need. So Ana Ospina teamed up with Maxeen Kim Photography to bring you this fab feature today. Ana is the Creative Director and Owner of BEAUT, and is here to offer her expert advice to you and a lovely discount for B.LOVED readers at BEAUT! Over to Ana…

“I have worked in the cosmetics industry for 25 years now, some of those were spent working on make up counters in the top beauty halls in London and a vast majority as a freelance make up artist working on private clients for events, for bridal work and most recently as owner and head make up artist of my very own make up studio BEAUT. What I have found time and time again having given makeovers to hundreds if not thousands of women is that the majority of make up wearing women fall into three categories when it comes to the contents of their make up bag.

The first category: are women who rarely wear make up and have products in their make up bags that were probably discontinued some time ago and are down to the teeniest stub of lipstick and an eyeliner pencil that has seen better days. They usually apply their make up with the little applicators that come with their eyeshadow palette and have been applying their make up in the same 5 minute routine whenever they do get around to applying their make up.
The second category: are the women that buy every new product that comes on to the market because they are given rave reviews in the glossies. These are the lovelies that have a hoard of products most of which are not suitable for them and the rest of which they don’t know how to apply.
The third category: have a great make up bag with key products that are just right for them and are pretty good at applying their make up. They are just stuck in what I call a ‘make up rut’. They know what works but play it safe and don’t change their products around to achieve different make up looks.
Which category are you? Do you need a make up edit and update?”

Here are my 5 Top Beauty & Make Up Tips:

1. Invest in your skin! A good skincare regime makes all the difference to your appearance and the added bonus is your make up will always look better if your face has had a little tlc

2. You need the right tools to apply your lovely make up, I recommend getting a nice set of make up brushes, an eyelash curler, a beauty blender, a powder puff and a sharpener to make sure you can achieve great make up looks.

3. When out for the evening try to take multi purpose products such as a lip and check tints and take oil absorbing papers to cut out shine as your little clutch bag might not fit your usual make up bag.

4. Have brows done professionally at least every three months and maintain in between by pulling at the little strays with tweezers once you’ve had a nice shape done.

5. Wash your make up bag once every three months and your make up brushes once a week. Just pop your make up bag in the washing machine or wipe clean at least if that’s not possible and wash your make up brushes with a mild shampoo or brush soap. Bacteria breeds quickly especially on your cream products so keep your make up as clean as possible with a wipe down with sanitising wipes too.

“If you’re not sure where to start, or simply can’t edit down the contents of your makeup bag, BEAUT offers a service that’s sure to get you started. The Make Up Bag Clearout where we empty out the contents and put back into it only the products you should keep and leave out what really needs to go. I edit your make up bag and explain how you can best use the make up you get to keep whilst also advising you on the skincare and make up products you should be using in addition to it. I will show you the colours and products that will work best on your skin type, features and colourings and then finish off with a 30 minute  make up demonstration.
I also offer The Know Make Up Lesson, this bespoke lesson focuses solely on make up application. I will show you step by step how to apply your own make up with my guidance and teach you the tips and techniques required to enhance your best features and ensure a durable make up application. You can even combine the two services!”
For BLoved readers a 10% discount on all services will be offered when quoting BLoved10 upon booking.





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