I use my make up brushes every day; some in my kit are from when I first started my make-up career 13 years ago and still look brand new!  It’s really important to take good care of your brushes, and they’ll last forever!

The first thing I suggest to anyone looking to buy brushes, is don’t buy cheap, they’ll never last and you’ll end up replacing them each year. Find a brush made from natural fibres, not only do they apply better they are softer and last longer.

Always wash your brushes! As a make-up artist my brushes are washed everyday, disinfected and shampooed. If you are using your brushes for your own use there is no need to use alcohol and harsh cleaning products. Simply wash them in shampoo once a week and condition whenever you remember.

The worst mistake people make is to dry their brushes upright; water drips into the brush head and will eventually rot the wood, causing bristles to fall out. Always lay your brushes flat on a towel with the heads over the edge so the bristles can dry in the air.

bloved-beauty-blog-best-makeup-brushes-tips (2)My favourite make-up brush suppliers are Make Up For Ever,  my first brushes came from them and they still look brand new! BUY Make Up For Ever brushes at Debenhams from £14.

bloved-beauty-blog-best-makeup-brushes-tips (3)If you are looking to buy a full brush set Make-up Artist Maggie Hunt offers a complete collection that can be bought individually or as a whole. BUY Maggie Hunt professional make up brushes from £5.


MAC brushes are similar to Make-up Forever in that they last forever if treated well and their collection of styles is vast, so they cater for all your needs! BUY MAC Cosmetics brushes at John Lewis from £10.

bloved-beauty-blog-best-makeup-brushes-tips (1)The Pixie Woo girls have collaborated with Real Techniques ID and brought out a contemporary range of metal brushes, which look incredibly futuristic and will improve the look of any make-up bag. BUY Bold Metals by Real Techniques at Very from £10.

The best thing you can do is buy brushes with black or metal handles, light coloured handles often get stained which makes your brushes look permanently dirty. Buy brushes, with black or dark coloured bristles, white bristles look beautiful but again will eventually stain.



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