I have this thing with handbags… I also have this thing with lipsticks…

So I guess it’s inevitable I “lose” lipsticks when swapping over handbags…

I then find myself rummaging like a loon through said bags minutes before I leave the house because I can’t find aforementioned lippy and it’s the “only” colour that will compliment my outfit. Last week I was London bound and whilst rooting around for my oyster card I practically spilled all the contents from my bag on to my lap. It was a fail on the oyster card front BUT I in fact managed to “find” two Nars lippies, a Rimmel eyeliner and my fave MAC waterproof mascara.

Any of you lovely ladies ever find yourselves in a similar situation??

With Christmas literally days away and with the inevitable incoming cosmetic gifts {the boy has dropped several hints} I Have decided it’s about ruddy time I take better care of my makeup and seek out some proper storage for it. I’ll not lie, I have fantasised about neat rows of lipsticks and eyeshadows in an array of colours for some time. Being able to see what I already own and choose what I will wear in a leisurely manner as opposed to the mad rush I describe above!!

So… I’ve got looking for some ideal makeup storage solutions and thought I would share what I am currently coveting with you lovely lot! And as I said with Christmas literally days away these beauties won’t break the bank either… they are all under £30.00!


John Lewis £11.99

I’m not just a sucker for makeup I love a good bit of branding too, makeup branding in particular. These drawers are perfect for showing off the pretty prints and pastel colour tubes cosmetics so often come in and it’s super easy to see where everything is if you’re grabbing something on the go. BUY HERE


  2. Ikea £12.00

I always like to think “outside the box” and this is very true of this cake stand. I am sure it looks dreamy laden with delicious sweet treets to share with friends and family but equally as indulgent when displaying your latest beauty indulgences. Hell, you could even use it for both!! BUY HERE


  2. H&M £12.99

H&M are on of my fave go-to destinations when it comes to homeware. Always super stylish and ever so reasonably priced. I’ve often felt a deep sense of satisfaction when a friend has asked me “where did I get that/it looks so expensive” to come out with the answer H&M. BUY HERE

So, when the largest H&M in the UK recently opened in my home town of Cardiff complete with a rather large homeware section I had mixed feelings. Would my home become a “carbon copy” of all my friends now??  In the end I reasoned I was being selfish to want to hang on to my little “interior secret” for so long so joined in the party when the store opened and bought some of these “bargainous” beauties too!!


  1. Oliver Bonas £28.00

Oh My Giddy Aunt… I seriously have to be so careful when I step over the virtual threshold of Oliver Bonas. It’s like a shopper paradise… they seem to instinctively know everything I am coveting and seamlessly style it and place it on their website to tempt me. BUY HERE

I bought this metallic number to store my jewellery but I think it would work just as well for makeup.


  1. Zara Home £19.99

I love Zara clothes {the ones I can fit in to that is, larger sizes please Zara if you’re reading this!!}. So it goes without saying they were on “the list” when it came to seeking out stylish storage solutions for my cosmetics.

I rather adore this ever so pretty gilded tray and think it’s perfect for really displaying your every day go to products within convenient “grabbing” distance. BUY HERE

If you haven’t check out their latest offerings then do so… I can guarantee you will find multiple fripperies that you will simply NEED to have in your life!!


  1. H&M £9.99

My mother has had jars like this gracing her bathroom shelves for some time now and the child in me loves the way the pink cotton balls she stores in them look like candy floss.

Let’s be honest it’s not just the makeup paraphernalia itself that takes up storage space it’s also all the products we use to cleanse, tone and moisturize as well as remove our makeup and I think these little numbers are perfect for displaying such things in a pretty and perfect way. BUY HERE


  1. Ikea £18.00

These are currently the storage solution of choice for my office. The endless drawers are perfect for compartmentalizing my business life from business cards to receipts for accounts purposes they keep everything neat and tidy.

So, is it any wonder I have seriously considered extending their resourcefulness in to my wardrobe too. I like to think as opposed to looking boring and stark they offer a bit of a relaxed scandi aesthetic to any room. BUY HERE


  2. H&M £9.99

And last but not least another H&M beauty…

I figured the man in your life may well have his own fair share of scents and cosmetics too… and while the previous offerings in this post are decidedly feminine. This hessian storage number can be used by both you and him alike. BUY HERE


I’m Helen {or Helz to my friends and family} and I am the founder of award winning wedding blog The Wedding Bazaar. After spending my 20’s as a “Legal Eagle” I feel much more "at home" now surrounded by wedding pretty, writing about {and obsessing over} plus size fashion and lusting over interior decor for my fantasy home.

With an “enthusiasm” for Nars lipsticks, diamond rings and far flung destinations you could say I have champagne tastes with a lemonade budget.

I am a messy perfectionist who lives in the welsh metropolis that is Cardiff with my hubby and an ever increasing shoe collection. I can’t wait to share my latest finds and musings with you lovely readers of B.LOVED


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