Mindfulness is becoming more important as we get busier and more distracted by technology. There are lots of small lifestyle changes that can be made to encourage a less crowded mind. For instance, how many people do you think still use a physical diary instead of their phone?

There’s something about having your own diary. It can make you feel more organized and like more of an important grown up. It has to be aesthetically pleasing, fit in your handbag and of course look insta – worthy on your home office desk.

OWT has a new paper brand called Noema in the shop who have created a line of notebook and diary products with mindfulness experts – mindful stationery, if you will. Not only is the collection stylish and lovely to look at, on each page of the diaries are positive quotes and questions designed to improve self-development, positivity and happiness.  It’s like having your own little motivational speaker in your pocket.

Swapping your phone calendar for a physical diary has its benefits. Firstly, you can put pen to paper and learn how to write again. Secondly, you can get it out and show it off to all your friends.

The names  “Happy Diary” and “Arty Notebook” definitely instill a moment of aesthetic pleasure. Better yet, they have an open dated format that works for any day or year. Perfect for those too busy to have bought one at the start of the year!

The notebooks are slender and come in 3 different handmade marbled covers, and the diaries are chunky but compact. We think this is a great gift for a creative stationery lover or equally a friend in need of some positive daily vibes.

bloved-interiors-blog-mindful-stationery-neoma (5)Happy Notes Notebook £7.99 Shop here

bloved-interiors-blog-mindful-stationery-neoma (1)Arty Notebook £7.99 Shop here

bloved-interiors-blog-mindful-stationery-neoma (3)

The Happy Agenda £15.99 Shop here



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