spring capsule wardrobe 2015


Stepping away from the interiors and the venues for a moment, this month I’m letting you into my wardrobe.

I’ve completely changed the way I shop and I’m going to admit it, my husband has been responsible for said change. For those of you who’ve met my boy you’ll know he’s methodical, a thinker and always (frustratingly) right. He also has great style. So when I first saw his approach to shopping I was in awe, so much so I’ve now embraced the capsule wardrobe and the seasonal edit.

What does this mean…? Well, I now do a closet overhaul before each impending season to see what I love from last years haul, what needs replacing and what I’m coveting to change up my look whilst still working with the pieces I want to keep.

It also means that actually, on the whole, I spend far less on my clothes now because I’ve cut out the impulse purchases, freeing up more in the piggy-bank for the odd splurge! Huzzah!

Did I mention Mark was an Accountant once-upon-a-time…?

I’d describe my style as quite classic; I love muted tones, easy-to-wear shapes and statement pieces to jazz up an outfit. I also have a small number of shops I hit when in edit mode so expect a lot of the same when it comes to brands.

Anyway, here’s my spring capsule wardrobe for 2015…

The Trench

1. whistles-laura-soft-trench-neutralOk I’m kicking off with something a bit splurgy I know, but hang on just a minute. I had a trench in this colour for over 6 years and sadly it’s recently gone to the closet in the sky so actually this is my new ‘investment’ piece. Plus if I have it for the same amount of time (she hopes) that’s only like 10p a day right…?

The Backpack

2. asos-leather-minimal-backpackLeather, suede and a soft neutral grey… There’s nothing not-to-like about this backpack from ASOS.

The Sneaker

3. whistles-heavy-sole-sneaker-greyI live in these shoes. I frickin’ love them. Not only do they make me feel instantly cooler, well I think so anyway, but they also add on a precious 2 inches to my short-ish frame. I need all the help I can get. I’ve got the dark grey versions, but I’m liking this new colour! Who’s with me on the heavy-soled sneakers…?

The Jogger

4. whistles-panelled-jersey-jogger-black

I started working from home back in 2013 and if truth be told I struggled with the concept of getting dressed. It seems I was rebelling against my corporate background, plus the novelty of wearing pyjamas ALL day was my version of a two-fingered salute. Well, it’s 2015 now and whilst I’ve left behind the flannel I haven’t quite given up on elasticated waistbands. Lo and behold the ‘tailored’ jogging pant. Get some. Trust me.

The Blouse

5. asos-longline-oversized-blouseAnything that’s billowy and longline, I’m in. This is such a simple classic that every wardrobe should have one.

The Raincoat

6. asos-sessun-raincoatAs much as I love my new buttery soft trench, I’m a little bit afraid of it getting wet *ahem* So for those Spring showers I’ve been stepping out in this raincoat by French Label Sessun. With Summer hurtling round the corner, this beaut is also on sale right now!

The Dress

7.-hush-triangle-dressCurrently loving Hush and all of their Spring looks, but I guess most importantly this brand has got me back into a dress! This Triangle dress is simple, comfy and I can see it lasting right through to Autumn just by switching up the styling.

The Jewellery

8.-our-daily-edit-moxham-otto-cuff-silverI’m not one for stacks of jewellery, on most days I’ll sport some diamonds thanks to those that feature on my left hand, plus a simple silver bangle and a black watch. When I’m wanting more I opt for a statement piece and I’m currently loving the Moxam range. From chunky bracelets to necklaces, cuffs and headbands, it’s all rather covetable.

The Jumpsuit

9. whistles_masie_waisted_jumpsuit_navyA look that could be feared by us curvy girls, the jumpsuits from Whistles are actually pretty life-changing. I have a couple in my personal collection now, but the Navy Maisie Waisted version looks like it needs a new home… With me.

The ‘IT’ Shoe

10. russell-and-bromley-logo-lace-flatsOk, here it is… By far my biggest splurge of the season and on shoes no less.

This is the Logo Lace from Russell & Bromley and whilst I nearly choked when I saw the price, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. So nervously, I went back and made the purchase. Lace-up flats have been pretty hard-to-miss this season, but as R&B always put a classic spin on the ‘right-now’ looks, I’m thinking we’ve got lots of lovely years ahead together.

So there you have it… My Spring wardrobe. Whilst there’s some budget-friendly pieces in there, there’s certainly a few luxe pieces thrown in all made possible by shopping with a capsule wardrobe in mind and doing the seasonal edit.

Plus, I tend to keep a beady eye on Grazia for those 25% off Whistles moments!

So how do you shop…? Are you an impulse buyer…? Or do you plan your fashion purchases…?

I’d love to know…



I’m the founder & editor of style-led wedding directory Coco Wedding Venues. I live by the sea in Brighton. Wife to Mark. Mama to Gatsby.

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