Over the last 6 months our Editorial Assistant, Maxeen Kim, has been travelling through Europe gathering gorgeous travel inspiration for us, as well as shooting family sessions and weddings. While travel is amazing in general, if you ask what Maxeen’s favourite aspect of her adventures has been, she will no doubt tell you that it’s the people she’s met along the way. One of these people was talented stylist Nicole Lucas who she met on the island of Ithaca in Greece. Nicole, who is Australian born and takes assignments worldwide, was visiting family on the island when she and Maxeen met. She has a passion for fashion, travel and setting a good example to young girls in terms of a healthy body image and following their dreams.

Tell us a little about your business? I’m a freelance fashion stylist and blogger and I work for myself. No day is ever the same. I style shoots, creative direct, write and also have a blog. One day I’m doing a shoot for my blog the next I could be styling a celebrity, I love the variety.

How did you get started in the industry? I moved from a small town in Australia called Newcastle to Sydney when I was 17 and studied at a Fashion College. Straight away I started interning at magazines and PR companies and after a lot of hard work I landed my dream job as a fashion assistant at a magazine.

What do you think has made your business successful? Determination and continuously putting myself out there. I have worked for free and still occasionally have to just to gain more and more experience. Always staying grounded and staying true to myself. My aesthetic isn’t for the masses, I do have a niche style so I have focused on that and it has been successful for me. Always being polite and never thinking I was above anyone as well. Social media has helped me immensely. It is taking over but for me it’s a positive thing, as I can put my work and myself into the world for people to see and that is how I get a lot of my business.

Where do you work + how do you make sure your space stays inspiring? As I’ve been travelling from London to Sydney and all around the world I don’t have a base. My car at the moment is my workspace, which can be quite stressful. One day I will be shooting in a studio, the next at a beach and so on. When I do finally settle though I do like to have a colourful, glittery workspace. I love having inspiring images everywhere and lots of trinkets.

What’s the biggest mistake people make whenstarting their own business, and what advice would you give them? I think a lot of people in fashion start businesses without actually knowing much about fashion. Starting a business takes a lot of planning, research, knowledge and hard work. Making sure your product is ready and is the best it can be. Everything isn’t perfect at first, but in the styling business it takes years to get there. I think some people think it is glamorous and free clothes and holidays come after a few months. You need to be in it for the right reason and be truly passionate about it to work in Fashion.

How would you describe your style?  My personal style is very unique, very eclectic, and quite crazy. I like to wear pieces that the majority wouldn’t. With styling I do have a creative eye and like to put together pieces you wouldn’t expect, but in saying that I can adapt to any brief, which has made me successful with several brands.

What trend predictions do you have for 2016? Trends definitely get recycled but I can see the 70’s trend really staying, but just re-invented. We’re seeing lots of cut out shapes and shoulder action as well. And two-piece sets!

What challenges have you set yourself for the next 12 months? To push my business to the next level and become successful in the European market… and also to start my own Swimwear label!

Tell us 5 things we don’t know about you:

  • I’m obsessed with the Spice Girls
  • I was the Junior fashion editor at Cosmopolitan Bride
  • I’m obsessed with weddings
  • I used to be in a performance group – singing and dancing
  • I’m very spiritual


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