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Planning a New Season Wardrobe

September is definitely my favourite time of year and this is possibly helped by the influx of new, yummy autumnal fashion that hits the high-street right about now. My sartorial choices have a little makeover at the beginning of each new season and last weekend I started my autumn wardrobe edit. It’s been a while since I had a big clear out of clothes and with storage a luxury in our house it really was time to make some room before I welcomed any new purchases.
Wardrobe clear outs are good for the soul, but I would definitely recommend having some gin on hand just in case you want to try any old clobber on. I tried (desperately) to get into a pair of jeans that were 4 years old. I failed miserably and vowed NEVER again to try anything on if I hadn’t worn it within the previous year. Now I’ve mentioned my wardrobe edits before on here – this is basically an overhaul exercise; what needs donating, what needs replacing and what I’m coveting to change up my look whilst still working with the pieces I want to keep – but, I thought I’d share some simple steps so that you too can welcome September into your wardrobe with a fresh head.
Start your season edit on Pinterest! Search street wear pins and create a moodboard of outfits that you love and that reflect your current style and mood. This is also a great place to discover fashion bloggers. I regularly follow Shot from the Street for a dose of real outfit inspo.
Trawl your favourite online stores – my go-to labels right now are WHISTLES, COS and Jigsaw – and start looking through each of their categories to find any items that link into the outfit board you’ve created.
Before you hit the shops, it’s time to clear out!
Start pulling out your clothes and create four piles;
Pile 1 is for the keepers (you love these items and still wear them)
Pile 2 is for donation (you don’t wear these items anymore but they’re in good condition)
Pile 3 is for selling (expensive items that you don’t wear anymore)
Pile 4 is to be binned (items in poor condition)
Be ruthless at this stage! Try things on (remember the aforementioned gin) and be really honest with yourself. Maybe allow 1-2 things to keep for sentimental reasons. The rest needs to be categorised into your four piles. If I have any clothes to sell I usually use eBay and local dress agencies – every little helps towards those new items!

Once you’ve done the clear out, step back and see what you have left and what’s missing from your current wardrobe. Then head on back to the Pinterest board to join the dots! From this, you should have your new season shopping list. Super easy right….? Plus tackling your wardrobe like this will (hopefully) mean a little more thought when it comes to the spending.

Here’s what’s on my new season covet list so far!




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