If you’re not too fussed about traditional Christmas decor, and want to try something fun and stylist this year, then this Christmas floral project is going to be right up your street!  Creative stylist Penny from The Little Lending Company, and local flower queen’s Swaffham and Fakenham Florists created this stunning reindeer floral crown to show that festive decor doesn’t need to be conventional to be seasonal!

We asked Penny to tell share the step-by-step for us!

Who can resist the allure of a fresh flower crown; the mix of blooms, foliage, textures and scents it’s enough to send your senses into overdrive. There have been so many tutorials on making crowns but this one is all about adorning your reindeer. If you’re looking for something alternative for your festive decor this year, to hang on your wall or door this could be just it. I have a really large skull, and several little ones, around my home all year so loved the idea of giving them a make-over for the festivities. It’s a simple way to add a pop of colour to the proceedings while dabbling at a few floristry skills. Michael Bublè on the soundtrack is a must!


  • Aluminum Wire
  • Thin Florists reel wire (from a florist wholesaler or Amazon)
  • Scissors
  • Stag or reindeer head – we used a skull from The Little Lending Co. but you could use a wooden or metal version!

Fresh flowers, we used:

  • Bubblegum Rose
  • Cartamus
  • Umbrella Fern
  • Phlox
  • Purple Dahlia
  • Achamilla Mollis
  • Craspedia
  • Red Dahlia
  • Blue Delphinium
  • Nervine


Measure the aluminum wire around the Stags head for the size of the crown. Hook and loop to attach the crown at back. Attach reel wire to aluminum wire by winding it around and around tightly to ensure secure.

Cut all the flowers and foliage about 2 inches from the head.  Cut umbrella fern, and pull pieces away to expose the stem. Cut small sprigs of Achamilla Mollis and Blue Delphinium to make the most of the flower throughout the crown.

Starting with the umbrella fern hold onto the aluminum wire and wind reel wire around the stem. Fern works well at the ends of a crown because of its natural point. Once you have wound the reel wire around the flowers and foliage trim down the stem and keep winding to ensure secure and continue adding in.

Start to mix different colors and textures through with foliage with a continual winding of the thin wire. Group smaller flowers to create a focal point in 2 or 3’s. Use a decent amount of reel wire around the stems to ensure flowers are all secure.

Push the wire into the stem and the neck until you feel resistance on the large Dahlia. This supports the flower as it is a focal point and ensures it stays in place.

Remember to pull the flower crown straight every so often to ensure flowers don’t twist round in different directions. The crown should be thickest at the center and think out towards the ends.

DIY Reindeer Floral Crown Christmas Floral Project (20)Bend a hook at the end of the aluminum wire to secure the crown and create a loop with the other end to hook on. Cut off the steel wire and wind final bit around the crown tightly.



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