Ladies, take a seat, grab a cuppa and get your reading glasses on because this morning’s post is less about the pretty and more about getting serious for a few minutes.  Earlier this week I recieved an email from one of my favourite jewellery brands, Monica Vinader, to let me know about a wonderful collaboration they have created with Women for Women International, and I immediately knew this was not just something I wanted to share, but needed to, for me, for you, and for all the women out there.

The #sheinspiresme campaign was started to shine a light on the transformational power of women by celebration those who inspire us.  All too often the achievements and vital contributions women make to society, all over the world, go unrecognised and unnoticed.  #sheinspiresme aims to change that by sharing with each other the women who inspire us, to connect us and motivate us all to act on our aspirations, hopes and dreams.

I know am incredibly lucky in this industry to be supported by a host of intelligent, strong, creative and powerful women who run their own businesses, earn their own living, protect their rights. We support each other in the bad times, and celebrate together in the good. We understand, love, care, and recognise each other’s achievements.  But in the rest of the world women aren’t so lucky, women who live in dangerous places like Iraq, Afganistan, South Sudan, Rwanda don’t get the support they need to make a difference. And that’s where Women for Women International‘s work comes in, giving them the tools, resources and knowledge to transform the lives of themselves, their families, their communities – and ulimately their entire nation.

To support the campaign Monica Vinader has designed an exclusive #sheinspiresme friendship bracelet, which is not only beautiful in rose gold and fine silver metallica, representing femininity and strength, but also enourages us to share our own inspirations.  Each bracelet can be engraved with the name of your personal inspiration on the front, using the complimentary engraving service.

All profits from the sale of this bracelet are donated directly to charity.

“I love the message behind the Monica Vinader #SheInspiresMe bracelet – we are all connected to a woman who has inspired us and made a difference in our lives. The woman who inspires me is Amela, a mother of two from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Six years ago, I sponsored Amela through WfWI’s year-long training programme – she was my first ‘sister’. After living through the horrors of the Bosnian war, Amela had grown up in poverty with none of the opportunities and resources I often took for granted. Yet I discovered we had a lot in common – like me, she wanted a happy and secure future for her children, above all else. Amela’s tenacity, resourcefulness and optimism made me realise what all women are capable of. I can’t wait to meet her after all this time and give her the #SheInspiresMe friendship bracelet with her name on it. This collaboration with Monica Vinader will raise vital funds to help transform women’s lives in war-torn countries, like Amela. But it is also a beautiful symbol of the #SheInspiresMe ripple effect – something I think resonates with every woman around the world, no matter where we live. We all know women in our lives who are not only changing the world around them, but also giving others the strength to do so.” – Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Executive Director, Women for Women International (UK).

At B.LOVED we want YOU to get involved too… if you would like to purchase a bracelet you can do so here .. but more than that come and get involved in the #sheinspiresme campaign!  Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram which women inspire you the most, and why.  Perhaps it’s your sister, your mum or your best friend, your boss or even someone you’ve never met but who inspires you to do, and be better.  Let’s pay it forward, create a chain, show women all over the world that we are here, and come together to show our support for women less fortunate, but just as powerful and capable.

sheinspiresme inspiring women campaign

“It’s an honour to be supporting Women for Women International. Every woman has the right to thrive, and this organisation provides the help needed to make that vision a reality, in extremely challenging circumstances. Wearing this friendship bracelet is a symbol of the support and sisterhood that WfWI so admirably promotes” – Monica Vinader, CEO and Founder.

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