Spring Organics Gathering + How to Create the Concrete Pots!

We’re so excited for the approaching Easter weekend and have such beautiful inspiration for a Spring Gathering with this shoot by Bowtie + Belle Photography! Stylist Lauradana of Wedding Creations created this tablescape with a rustic luxe, organic essence, and she’s also sharing how you can re-create the pretty place settings too!

“The inspiration for this shoot evolved from the beautiful new glass room at Kingscote Barn. A lovely light room filled with lots of natural materials such as Cotswold stone walls and a beautiful solid wood table.
I decided to extend the presence of natural elements onto this table with the use of; terracotta, stone, ceramics and concrete. To soften these materials, and with spring in the air, soft foliage and blossoms were used. Spring is a season of renewal and so the colours were kept to white’s and greens to enhance the natural beauty of all of the combined elements.

In a nod to greenery (pantone’s colour of the year) terracotta pots with herbs were interspersed with succulent filled concrete holders. The combination of hard concrete and terracotta with soft foliage and succulents worked really well.

To reflect the terracotta pots McBaile Catering created enchanting chocolate mousse place settings. Yes, these little terracotta pots were in fact delicious edible favours also! I love playing with textures and the use of both copper and delicate ribbons on these place settings helped to create a fresh modern look for the tablescape. They also created a delicate looking bundt cake with drizzled white chocolate, lemon zest and rosemary. A cake perfect for any Spring feast.

As the new room at Kingscote is so light and airy I wanted to ensure this was also carried through with the style of photography. Bowtie and Belle beautifully captured the essence of Spring and their delicate and detailed way of shooting was perfect for showcasing this tablescape.”

How to Create These Concrete Pots

You will need:
• Quick setting concrete mix
• Bucket and stick for mixing
• Gloves
• Plastic cups (2 different sizes- 1 large 1 small)
• Stone or weight for small cup

1. Follow the instructions for mixing the concrete (this will vary depending on where you buy the mix from)
2. Using soft plastic cups pour the mix into the larger cup leaving about 1 inch at the top.
3. Pick up and gently drop/tap the cup on the table to get rid of any air bubbles
4. Place the small cup into the middle of the larger cup and push down into the mix.
5. The small cup may start to rise so place a weight or some stones in the small cup to keep it in position
6. Now be patient! Despite some mixes saying they dry in 15mins it is best to wait overnight for these to dry fully.
7. Once dry cut the plastic cup open and peel away from the concrete.
8. Gently twist the smaller cup to release it.
9. Let dry for a little longer before placing any plants inside.

It is important to use plastic or cardboard when making these. Any other items such as tuber-ware or glass will be almost impossible to remove the concrete from in one piece.




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