Summer Beauty Favourites

Hi Lovelies! August arrives tomorrow and our Summer is in full swing, so I have Summer Beauty Favourites to share with you which I have been loving! Summer can be a funny one for skincare and beauty as it’s warmer so our normal products might be too heavy and let’s face it – sliding off your face! We spend more time out in the sunshine and have to be conscious about protecting our skin from the sunshine, and then replenishing it if we dried it out too much enjoying the sun a little too much. If you’re going away on holiday with a hot climate too, your skin again needs different things – so the season really can be complicated for keeping your skin happy.

The first thing on my Favourites list for you has to be the Radiance Facial Oil by Balance Me. Now, using an oil on your face in the warmer months might not make much sense but it’s been perfect! It’s not greasy and really nourishes the skin without being as heavy as a lot of creams. I have a really handy 10ml size with a rollerball from Marks + Spencer which has lasted me ages and I’d original bought it just for taking on holiday, but it’s far more economical to purchase the full 30ml size.

Why’s it called Radiance Oil? Well it’s plumping and rich in essential fatty acids to hydrate and smooth the skin, and so great for uneven skintone which has always been a problem of mine. I used to reach for peels and exfoliating products to kind of resurface the skin but the absolute opposite was needed – nourishing the skin has truly made a huge difference! Another bonus of using this is that Balance Me is a great brand which is free from parabens, dea, mineral oils, sulphates, pegs, petroleum, silicones, propylene glycol, microbeads, artificial fragrances and colours as well as being cruelty free! I’m definitely going to try more of their products.

The next thing on my favourites list is an amazing Foundation by Juice Beauty. In Summer we want something lighter on the skin so that it can breathe and so that it doesn’t sweat off or congest the skin – but I needed something with decent coverage too. So, I wanted to try an Organic Foundation that came highly recommended by many beauty bloggers and youtubers – the Phyto – Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation! Sounds gorgeous doesn’t it!

So what’s the Flawless Serum Foundation like?
This is said to be skin perfecting whilst it’s serum formula helps with ageing which sounded rather lovely to me! It’s really beautiful to wear and doesn’t feel like you have makeup on, which is ideal for Summer months and holidays. One pump provides the loveliest coverage for skin which looks like it naturally looks amazing and healthy – and two pumps gives a more full coverage say for events and nights out! Whilst I haven’t worn this every day so can’t comment on the benefits of the antioxidant protection and anti ageing properties – I can tell you that my skin enjoyed it and wasn’t congested or dried out at all which I usually find with foundations in Summer!

Great points about this foundation is that it’s organic and packed full of goodness to smooth the complexion and it really did smooth out my pores and provide a healthy and even complexion which had a healthy glow about (without any sparkle though).

Last but not least is the Siren Lipstick by Vapour Beauty! This is the best lipstick I’ve ever used! I have the shade ‘Desire’ which is a pretty natural nude pink and perfect for everyday and work. This is again an Organic product and I was so impressed with it – no balm has made my lips look so smooth and hydrated and this is a lipstick. This is dubbed as the industry’s healthiest lipstick – as we ladies apparently consume quite a hefty amount of it per year and I’ll definitely be trying more products for Vapour Beauty after this gem!





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