Mention the Spanish coast and you’ll probably think of less salibrious resorts like Benidorm, Fuengerola or for the super stylish, Marbella. While there’s so much more to Spain than sun, sea and British bars, it’s not always obvious where to head for a more luxe & lovely experience.

These images by Ashlee from Taylor Barnes Photography are taken in the beautiful Tarragona region, where picturesque medieval villages, lush vineyards and enticing traditional restaurants make it a perfect holiday spot a little off the beaten trail. Not only does her fiancé hail from this gorgeous area,  but she gets to get married, and live there too! If truth be told I’m a little jealous

Destination: Tarragona Provence, Spain

Where did you stay?

My fiancé’s parents have a second home in the village, Bot, that his dad grew up in.

What made you pick the destination?

It was very important for me to spend time in the place where my fiancé’s family come from as I am eager to learn as much as possible about his culture and rich heritage!  Safe to say I was not disappointed, it is such a stunning and surprisingly green area of Spain. I loved it so much so we have picked an old farm in the area for our wedding next year!

What is there to do?

We visited an old village called Miravet, which was absolutely stunning! It felt like we walked into a painting… the village is surrounded by the sweetest smelling peach trees and then is set on the side of a hill with the most beautiful river running alongside. It was really was as picturesque as it sounds! There is also a lovely restaurant within the village Moli de Xim serving traditional food, we sat there and watched the humming birds drink from the flowers, so peaceful!

What would be your top packing tips?

Spain in summer can be so warm but the ladies there are super stylish, so outfits require heavy planning to keep up!

Would you visit again?

Well yes! We will be getting married in the village where my fiancé’s are from and then hopefully living close by, but a little nearer to the sea!


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