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Hi Lovelies! I have a pretty little book review for you today with The Herb and Flower Cookbook by the Lifestyle Editor of Red Magazine, Pip McCormac. I bought this book for a friend who loves nature and healthy eating and the thought of edible flowers filled me with ideas and inspirations for creating beautiful food for gatherings, parties and weddings!

From precious petals encased in ice cubes, to flower filled ice lollies, salads or cakes garnished with flowers and even using them to create delicious drinks and cocktails! There are so many interesting things you can do with edible flowers – and this lovely little book is a good place to start.

With recipes such as the Chive Flower Pizzaeta, and Rose and Mint Tiramisu – there are plenty different things to try. I actually sampled some delicate Chive flowers which are a pretty lilac hue and have an onion taste. I even tried a green salad with Viola flowers which looked so bright and exciting to eat! The flowers tasted very much like juicy salad eaves too so they complemented it very much.

The book has a section about growing your own collection of herbs at home too so that you can enjoy their aroma and flavours with many dishes and incorporate them into your everyday cooking.

If you’re intrigued there are other books which are also about edible flowers such as: “Cooking with Flowers: Sweet and Savory Recipes with Rose Petals, Lilacs, Lavender and Other Edible Flowers” by Miche Bacher, “Wild Cocktails from the Midnight Apothecary” by Lottie Muir, and of course today’s book – “The Herb and Flower Cookbook” by Pip McCormac.



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