Top 5 Things to do in Capri

Whether beautiful Capri is on your travel wish list, or you are already booked to go this year – you will enjoy the stunning images by Julie Michaelsen Photography who shares her recent honeymoon and Top 5 Things to do in Capri! “After we got married in Tuscany, we were lucky enough to spend our ‘Mini-moon’ in Capri seeing as my sister (who works in the luxury hotel business) and her fiancé gave us as our wedding present 3 nights in the gorgeous Capri Tiberio Palace hotel…WHAT an experience!

Neither of us had ever been to Capri before but on the recommendation of my Sister, we visited some of the most wonderful place and restaurants! Below you’ll find our top 5 things to do on Capri…

  1. Top 5 Things to do in Capri

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    Top of the list to visit for dinner: Da Paolino! A restaurant situated under hundreds of lemon trees where the cuisine is focused about lemons, lemon pasta, lemon risotto, so delicious and completely romantic

2. We hired a boat for a half day to sail us around the island and which took us to the grottos’ (green, blue and white) where you can swim in the grottos’ and enjoy the spectacular colours!

3. After our boat tour of the island we asked our driver to drop us off at La Fontelina, a beach club best accessed by the water, where you can relax on mattresses and soak up the sun!

4. If you can we HIGHLY recommend the Capri Tiberio Palace, we were treated like kings and queens, got upgraded to a room with the balcony larger than our living /dinning area combined and were gifted a gorgeous Capri tile made into a tray at the end of our trip.

5. Walk… explore! There are no cars allowed on Capri so you can literally walk everywhere, from the little harbour port where you are dropped off by the boat from Naples, to up in the centre, there are small winding pathways surrounded by ancient Italian artisan tiles and the most beautiful colours.



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