A Weekend in St Tropez

We’re dreaming of a romantic weekend getaway to St Tropez as the wonderful fine art photographer, Christina Sarah Photography shares this spontaneous little trip to The French Riviera! See her stunning photos of their trip as they explore the coast, see the famous boutiques of Chanel and Dior, and wander around the dreamy historic streets! Here is Christina to share more about their trip and tips for you if you’d like to visit beautiful St Tropez ( yes please! )

Where did you stay – What type of accommodation did you choose, and why?
We chose an all inclusive hotel, The Club Vacanciel les Issambres, for our weekend away to The French Riviera which came recommended. Our hotel was situated on the beautiful coastline of Les Issambres, which was the perfect location for exploring The French Riviera. With its many inlets (Calanques) and rocky coves along this coast as well as several fine sandy beaches it was the perfect peaceful location. We are hoping to try an AirBnB on our next visit.

What would you recommend to do?  Are there any unique points of interest, restaurants, activities?
The French Riviera on the Mediterranean coast of south eastern France includes some seriously glamorous beach resorts such as Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Monaco. This chic coastline had me from the second I stepped off the plane in 2015 and drew me further in during exploring!

Saint-Tropez is a coastal town on the French Riviera. Famous for its jet-set lifestyle, the harbour is always full of amazing yachts. Artists fill the harbour and side streets with their amazing talents making the perfect mix of traditional and 21st-century living. Head down the back streets to find great coffee and enjoy street entertainment such as the locals playing their summer boules. Fancy a bit of Chanel or Dior shopping, then here is the place to do it… Tres Chic!

During our trip in 2015 we visited Saint-Tropez but it was only a quick visit so when we returned for our weekend away our first stop was this chic historic harbour. Just to make our visit extra special unknown to us until we arrived it was the Regatta (The event Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez is the most important sailing event in Saint-Tropez). The sun was shining and it was just fabulous from start to finish. The harbour was buzzing, with Yachts coming into the harbour all day, Jazz music filling the air, seafood paella cooking in HUGE paella pans ready for the sailors later that day.

What about the local cuisine? Are there any specialities, top restaurants or secret spots we should know about?
As the sunset we strolled around looking for a restaurant to complete the evening. We found THE perfect place! I cannot recommend Le Quai highly enough, not only is the food exceptional but the entertainment was a real experience. As you dine in the open air restaurant, gazing out at the lit up harbour you will enjoy live music, singers fill the restaurant with amazing vocals, you knew it was popular as passers by couldn’t walk by without stopping to listen.

The Le Quai description on their website describes it perfectly: “A white marble terrace furnished with immaculate comfortable leather chairs, a central bar with a cosy black and silver interior, the glamorous elegance of a designer decor. An exceptional facility where aesthetics is magnified. You will spend an exceptional evening in an atmosphere worthy of the best Tropezian nights thanks to the singers, musicians, dancers and many more, for some unforgettable moments! The menu boasts a French and Asian ‘Bistro Chic’ cuisine showcasing seafood and sushi. All this in front of the most beautiful backdrop of Saint-Tropez: the port and its majestic yachts!”

How easy is it to get around? Do you need a car?
A car is highly recommended when visiting The French Riviera (but traffic can be a challenge). If you stay in Saint Tropez and you don’t plan on leaving the town then a car isn’t needed (on foot or a moped is ideal). We also discovered a boat taxi which ran from Sainte Maxime to Saint Tropez even at 3am (yep you heard me right).

What would be your top packing tips?
Must have – a pair of havaianas, floppy sunhat, portable phone charger so you never run out of battery and miss those stunning picture opportunities, high waisted bikini and a pair of shades and I would always pack my camera!

Anything else you think we need to know?
The sunsets are amazing!!

Would you visit again?
I would LOVE to visit again, I was recently in Nice for 2 nights while photographing a gorgeous Provence wedding but would love to enjoy a holiday here next year or tomorrow hehe!”





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