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I’m half way through this pregnancy now (how time flies!) and my mind has turned towards the inevitable cull of “stuff” that needs to happen having hoarded almost everything in the loft for some 3 years…

When preparing for first time parenthood I pretty much took all that was offered to us by way of items being loaned, gifts being bought and advice being bestowed. Our house was full-to-the-brim with baby paraphernalia – most of which went unused.

So with my list made of all that will be redundant and sold or passed on – I thought I’d share with you my top 5 baby essentials of items I simply couldn’t live without during the early months of motherhood…


I knew I’d be a “baby-wearer” but never envisaged spending most of the first nine months with my baby strapped to my chest, so initially I bought a simple and inexpensive fabric sling which actually wasn’t a great fit for us as Dylan was a big baby…

Luckily I had a seasoned sling-loving friend who introduced me to the world of SSC’s – soft structured carriers which gave both Dyls and I a little more support enabling me to carry him right up to the point where his legs were so long they actually inhibited me walking!

I loved having him close when out and about and it also meant I was hands-free to get on with running errands…in fact I barely used our pram.

If you’re thinking of investing in one perhaps contact your local Sling-Meet first as there you can rent a wide range of slings before you buy (and meet other baby-wearing Mums who bestow fabulous advice) – as we’re all different and our babies have such different needs it’s a great way to ensure you invest well.


We were a little late to the game with this. I’d been advised (by both Mums) that moses baskets and small cribs were a waste of money – that they’d only be used for a few weeks before we’d want to move our baby into his cot…Of course this was based on me emulating their motherhood journeys some 30+ years ago when it was the “done” thing to teach a baby to sleep independently as soon as possible.

It’s hard to pre-empt what kind of mother you’re going to be – there’s no right or wrong way – just what’s right for you. Well for me it was (and still is) co-sleeping. Dylan and I endured a tricky birth and he had reflux so I wanted to keep him close – not just from a practical point of view but emotionally too. Having him beside me made us both settle better.

We invested in a small static crib with bars back then, but things have moved on so much since and co-sleeping cribs are quite common now. Our biggest investment this time round will be the Snuz Pod Co-Sleeper which has fabric sides that can zip down and can attach to your bed. Perfect for safe sleeping.


One of our most treasured gifts from a dear friend who happens to be American and whose Mum makes a darn fine quilt! Our floor blanket has been through so much with Dylan over the past 3 years. It created a little “hub” for him where he played, enjoyed tummy time and his first rolls – even the cats saw it as a natural barrier – sitting on the peripherals to observe! It sits on the end of our boys bed now and is used as his “snuggler”.

Most baby shops sell a hardy blanket but it’s worth searching for independent sellers or handmade blankets too.


OK I confess I didn’t listen to my big brother over this one (sorry Bro!) who advised me to buy something simple that you can wash or wipe clean. Instead I accepted the offer to be bought (by my kind in-laws) a big, bright, swinging, vibrating, musical chair that would effectively give Dylan the ride of his life. Acid trip more like.

He hated it. I hated it. It violated all our senses and was totally over-stimulating.

Instead we borrowed a friends simple recliner chair whit a small string of toys that kept Dylan entertained whilst I cooked or took a quick shower. A real life-saver item for those times you want them up, safe, happy…but somewhat immobile.


Little needs to be said about this. Just get one. So simple to use and so worth the investment.




Hi I’m Sarah…writer at Juno & Joy, sometimes stylist and budding florist. Nearly three years ago I took on my greatest challenge – I became a wife and mother! A task that incorporates all my strengths (and weaknesses) it’s stretched my heart and rocked my world ten-fold.


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