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5 Tips for Planning Your Maternity Session

If you’re expecting your first child and excited about planning a special Maternity Session, you’re bound to have questions about what to wear, how to choose a Photographer and a what point in your pregnancy is best for the shoot. So, today we have a lovely outdoor Maternity shoot by Charlvd Merwe Photography who also shares his top 5 tips for planning your own session…

1. What should you wear for your Maternity Session?

This is a very common question amongst my clients. I usually try to suggest something that compliments the location! If we are doing an urban style session, I will suggest something that fits! Don’t hide the bump! This is after all the main reason for the session.

My favourite is obviously the dreamy and romantic natural sessions where the mommy- to- be wears a nice dress. A dress compliments a women’s body and looks great in the photo’s. It usually helps to have a theme or colour scheme. The options are endless.

2. Should you have your hair and make- up done?

Absolutely! I am not even going to explain myself, except to say that you want to feel your best!

3. Where should you have your Maternity Session?

I will typically ask the parent to be what they have in mind – are they going more natural or are they doing a lifestyle-at-home session? I will always keep the health of the mother-to-be and her baby in mind, so I will not suggest to choose a location where we should hike to reach the location or climb on and over stuff. With thhese details I will help them choose the perfect location for their session.

4. When in your pregnancy is best for a Maternity Shoot?

I usually tell them around the beginning of the last trimester! So the bump is big enough and the mommy- to- be isn’t to uncomfortable! :)

5. How to choose your photographer…

Decide what photography style you like, have a look at some photographer’s work that suits the style you like and have faith in that photographer! He/ She most probably knows what they are doing. Your photographer is not Pinterest ha, ha! Each Photographer has their own unique style and way of shooting and if you have any special requests do discuss this with your Photographer prior to the session.





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