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What to wear on a maternity shoot


For me, there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a women proud of her body – it’s like gorgeousness exudes from every pore! Though I may be in the minority here – I’ve never felt more in tune with my own than when I was pregnant with my son. Watching in awe as my belly (and other areas!) swelled I gained respect for myself and what I was capable of doing and creating…

I jumped at the chance of having a few snaps taken of me heavily pregnant by my photographer friend Lucy Shergold – she encouraged me to enjoy posing in an organic way – to be led by my baby and my thoughts of him all tucked up inside and to be encouraged by how I felt about my growing stomach, breasts…and bottom!

I know this isn’t the case for everyone but I do believe that even if you’re one of those women who don’t feel sexy or serene throughout their pregnancy a maternity shoot might still be a wonderful experience…a chance to connect with your body and your feelings in a safe, creative environment. It’s an opportunity to see yourself through others eyes, to explore your maternal feelings and to enjoy a time that’s really quite fleeting and very unique – for I’m sure no two pregnancies are the same!

With that in mind I’m backing up my case further with some inspiration. Beautiful, elegant and above all natural maternity poses – some slightly staged but many within the context of a moment I’m sure you’ll all have with bump and those surrounding you. Here are some pin-worthy highlights…




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