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When we returned to rented housing three years ago I was worried I’d never be able to put a personal stamp on our new domain…particularly as our first child was about to be born and I was in full nesting mode. Despairing at the clean, crisp white canvas we’d been given (as opposed to the chalky pastel hues of our former Hobbit-sized cottage) I was sure our family pad would forever feel cold and empty…

And then I discovered Pinterest.

So changed are my tastes towards home decor – something I mainly credit motherhood for (it must be stain resistant/wipable/easily paintable with the cheap white bucket of paint on standby in the shed – or so bright you can’t notice the smears!) that I can’t ever imagine not having a pure white canvas on which to build up our colourful interior via transient things…as our family grows and evolves so too does the mountain of “stuff” that comes with us; adding warmth and interest via our furniture and accessories is the only way to update in a way that represents us as a family and without breaking-the-bank!

Here is some colourful kids room inspiration that does just that – simple, stylish and cost-effective home design remedies for ever growing families…perfect for a spring update:




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