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I am so unbelievably thrilled to share the work of Katie Julia today, her photography is out-of-this-world beautiful!  Katie works solely on film, the soft, dreamy quality emphasising the sheer simplicity of this maternity shoot.  With stylish mama to be Camilla in a simple white dress, barefoot, and with her hair loosely tumbling around her shoulders the whole shoot is just utterly adorable.

Camilla shares her story –

I am writing this before the imminent arrival of my newborn.

Having experienced a predominantly magical nine months of pregnancy I wanted to share with you some of the marvellous moments I have enjoyed, in the hope I can encourage and inspire other ‘mothers to be’ and persuade you not to worry or be anxious but to enjoy every precious and unique moment.

The more innocent you are to the experience, the more magical and fascinating the process of carrying your unborn baby can be.  For those of you that have recently fallen pregnant …do you know what a trimester is? …neither did I! It’s amazing how much you will learn about your body and it’s natural capabilities over the course of the next nine months, thanks to the internet and websites such as Baby Centre will help provide you with that extra reassurance.

Below are some of the amazing experiences I have benefited from during my pregnancy and I hope you will too.  I have highlighted the secret little gems no one tells you about along with some perks of the job and tips which you can take or leave.

How cute can a bump really be…?  Cute enough for pretty much anyone, especially mothers and those with maternal instincts to chat to you. I’ve learnt mothers love to share their childbirth experience, well after all, it is pretty spectacular! There are some fascinating stories out there, particularly from those who share different cultural beliefs. Just remember to ignore the horror stories.

Don’t stop moving
! Walk, swim or yoga – which ever best suits you, do lots and …more! But, it’s an excuse to enjoy a seat on every journey! If you’re a little shy to ask for a seat, wear a ‘baby on board’ badge, it’s enough to make any man panic and jump up!

Come rain or shine, drink loads. I would even suggest having a plastic bottle with a secure lid on in the bed with you during the latter stages of pregnancy, this will prevent you and the baby having to turn unnecessarily in the night.

Smother that ever expanding beautiful bump with an abundance of natural oils.  
It’s only been at the final stages of my pregnancy that I recently discovered the delights of almond oil which is much better than many other luxury body oils on the market.  Almond and Olive oil contain only natural ingredients. What would you prefer seeping through your skin near your baby?

Once you’re past the first trimester and have devoured pretty much anything going, you should feel you have a new lease of life. Eat healthily and graze masses. Grazing reduces the risk of acid ingestion. Trust me this is something you want to avoid.

Pamper, pamper, pamper!  Carrying a baby is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself lots! When you get to the third trimester you may be feeling a little hormonal or weepy, it’s amazing what a massage and a pedicure can do. You could also try reflexology or acupuncture. Just ensure those treating you are fully qualified and trained in pregnancy.


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